Why install Bluezone?

    Bluezone exploits low-energy Bluetooth location technology (it only costs 10% of the phone's battery). Accordingly, the smartphones installed this application will exchange signals with each other within a distance of 2 meters and save the contact diary, regardless of the manufacturer or type of phone.

    When a new Covid-19 infection is detected, the patient's exposure history will be sent to the smartphone for comparison. If there is a match, the user will be warned about the risk of infection. This means, as long as you install Bluezone and all contacts also have this application on your device, you will surely know who has infected Covid-19 who has ever had contact with you. This is why you should install Bluezone to protect yourself and the community.

    Step 1: Join the Bluezone community (install bluezone app on mobile phone, available for Android and iOS). Visit https://www.bluezone.gov.vn/
    Step 2: The application records the process of close contact (<2m) with the Bluezone community (when, how long)
    Step 3: If someone is infected with Covid-19 (F0), the competent health authority will enter the F0 data into the system.
    Step 4: The system will send F0 data to all machines in the Bluezone community.
    Step 5: The Bluezone application on the device will compare the exposure history with F0 data.
    Step 6: If the F0 data matches the contact data.
    Step 7: The application warns users of the risk of Covid-19 infection when contacting an infected person for 10 minutes at a distance of less than 2m for 14 days.
    Step 8: The screen displays instructions to contact the competent health authority for assistance.
    Step 9: The application can alert people on group F2 (group in close contact with F1).
    Install it now! ⚠️

    Phương Anh (Source: FTV - Student Television reporter at FPT University Hanoi)

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