What is the difference between studying Digital Marketing at FPT University?

    At FPT University, Digital Marketing students will be trained according to an international program, focusing on practice and improving skills so that students can converge enough knowledge and skills to meet the needs of recruiters. use.

    1 / Quality training program, curriculum of international standards

    FPT University's training programs not only cover professional knowledge and skills but also focus on soft skills, designed in parallel with the constantly changing needs of markets, industries and occupations. domestically and internationally. In particular, students will learn how to apply IT in their work, learn how to think technology in their professional fields.

    Training program designed to update the program of famous schools in the world. All textbooks of FPT University are imported from abroad and updated continuously every semester.

    2 / Focus on practice, foreign languages and soft skills

    With the number of practice periods up to 60%, FPT University students have become familiar with the work right from their school seats. There is a class of 25-30 students, so during practice hours, students will be guided meticulously and in detail by the teachers.
    In the first year, students will learn English completely so that they can gain a certain foreign language background before entering the second year entering the specialized semester. In addition to English, which is a compulsory language, FPT University students can also learn Chinese. Thus, after graduation, students have many more opportunities to work abroad.

    From the very first days of its establishment, FPT University has attached great importance to self-development, especially soft skills for students. Students will learn a lot of courses such as presentation skills, critical thinking, teamwork skills, interview skills, CV writing skills ...

    3 / Practical with seminars, specialized talkshows

    FPT University regularly organizes seminars, talkshows on business and marketing so that students can have a genuine view and deeper understanding of the profession they are pursuing. The Talkshows are practical and updated with trends such as "4.0 - Marketing in a digital society" with the participation of experienced speakers, experts in the field of Marketing: Mr. Tuan Ha - CEO of Vinalink - Trung the largest Digital Marketing training center in Vietnam; Mr. Minh Tam - Digital Marketing Expert; Ms. Tran Phuong - CEO of Cova Media Marketing Solution (Alumni of course 6, FPT University) ...

    The experts had a very sincere and enthusiastic sharing in the conversations with students of the school. Through the talk shows, students will be equipped with necessary knowledge and skills in the field of Digital Marketing. These are practical knowledge that you will apply in your future work.

    4 / Many study opportunities abroad

    Digital Marketing students have many opportunities to learn and experience multicultural environments in developed countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand ...

    Recently, the students majoring in Marketing had the opportunity to study at Kasem Bundit University, Komklao Campus in Thailand and HELP University, Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia, Subang.

    In the near future, K15 new students will continue to have the opportunity to attend the first specialized semester at Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan. And there are many exchange programs, study and practice abroad in the coming semester.
    Participating in study abroad programs, students not only have access to an international educational environment, but also have opportunities and environments conducive to English practice and cultural learning. everyday.

    5 / Good, experienced, inspirational instructors

    The special thing about FPT University is that the lecturers are very enthusiastic and always inspire new and creative inspiration so that students can absorb knowledge in the best way. With the advantage of being the owner, senior manager of many businesses and practical experience, teachers always apply case studies for students to practice.

    Marketing projects on the school for students are all marketing problems that businesses themselves are facing. Thereby, students will have the opportunity to rub with reality, have the right solution and remember knowledge more effectively.

    Phuong Anh (Source: FPT University Danang)

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