What FPT students say about the contest "Van dam FPTU"

    "Van dam FPTU" just started has attracted the attention of many people who have "come and returned" to the three-word school.


    The writing contest "Van dam FPTU" organized by FPT University, just started, has attracted the attention of a large number of Ao villagers throughout the three regions. But are you curious about the meaning of the phrase "Van dam FPTU"? Let's see how FPTU people define them.


    "I guess FPTU's journey is ten thousand miles and each of us is a mile in it." Minh Tuan - FPT University Can Tho shared.

    "It's rumored that FPTU is an old story-telling contest, get rewards right away. Will the contestants run the 10,000-mile relay and write stories at the same time?" Thanh Truc - Hanoi FPT University shared.

    "I'm just a 2nd year student, but my memories with FPTU can already be made into an album, and the 15-year journey of FPTU is too good to call ten thousand miles" said friend Ai Nhi - FPT University in Da Nang.

    "In my opinion, ten thousand miles is both length and time. Euro and World Cup only come once every four years, but if you want to take the FPTU thousand miles exam, you have to wait 15 years," said Hong Luong - FPT University, Hanoi.

    “Van dam” is a cross-border writing competition for nearly 30,000 students, alumni, staff and parents who “have returned, arrived” during the 15-year journey of establishing FPT University.

    The contest lasts from July 1 to August 1, 2021 with a total prize value of up to 15 million VND and the opportunity to become an author in the book "Van dam FPTU" published on the 15th anniversary of its establishment. School. Each author whose work is selected for publication in the book will receive a limited edition signed by the Contest Judge.

    Details of the contest can be found here: https://bit.ly/thelevandamfptu

    Coc Doc va Nhung nguoi ban
    FPT University website: https://uni.fpt.edu.vn

    Thao Hanh (FPT University Ha Noi)

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