What do FPT students think about Tet? - FPT University Hanoi

    Tet is a time to spend time with family, a long day to sleep, a time to wear sleeveless dresses or enjoy green Banh Chung, ... Everyone has a definition of Tet in their own way.

    The coming spring festival is an opportunity for people to temporarily put aside their work and worries in life, so that the people who are far away from the hometown can reunite, reunite, gather with their family and relatives. each other welcomes the luck of the new year It is also a very meaningful tradition, a cultural beauty of the Vietnamese nation.

    Tet is also a great opportunity for us to find our roots, experience traditional activities such as wrapping Banh Chung, cleaning and decorating the house, buying peaches, or simply going to the market with our mother shopping for confectionery, fruit to display five fruit tray,...

    After a year of hard work, reeling from the reel of the homework and work, the Tet holiday time could not be better for us to rest and look back on the old year. Since then recharging for a new year jubilantly with more and better results.

     As for FPT students, "What is Tet in you?"

     Nhi Nguyen (Source: FPT University Hanoi) 

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