Vovinam - a Martial Art Vietnamese cultural heritage, is the compulsory subject at FPT University

    Traditional Vietnamese martial art is a cultural heritage containing the thoughts and knowledge that our Forefathers have accumulated over the thousands of generations. However, the propagation and teaching of traditional martial arts in schools have never been easy. FPT Education, FPT University has taken martial arts Vovinam into the main curriculum for physical education for students.

    As a main physical subject, students at FPT University can not only improve their health through martial arts but more importantly, train their temperament and morality to become a good child of the family and a responsible citizen of society.

    Vovinam, like other sports, all techniques and the rule of Vovinam are built on the foundation to help the learners develop comprehensively, work on their mental skills, and to be healthier. During many years of study, the martial art Vovinam has played a crucial part in training students about morality, personality, physicality, and educating them to live a productive and responsible life with themselves, family and society. The representative of the School board shared.

    The opening of traditional martial arts classes in the school brings many benefits. With the age of perfect development, the practice of martial arts creates a playground for them after stressful lessons. Also, training self-defense skills will also help them feel a lot more confident. However, due to being one of the first educated models in Vietnam to bring martial arts to the curriculum, the masters of FPT University have had to research very hard to make their lesson plans most suitable for the cultural-educational environment like FPT.

    Not only they are trained with fists, kick, and self-defense skills, but more importantly, the school also wants to use martial arts to teach about the thought of martial arts and morals to improve themselves. Therefore, in each teaching session, teachers spend a certain amount of time talking about the spiritual history of Vovinam, the quintessence of martial arts in Vietnam.

    The student proudly said: “The Vovinam training gives me a sense of patriotism and responsibility, we understand that learning about martial arts is not to fight but to protect ourselves and protect others, that is what our Forefathers have propagated ”.

    Taking traditional martial arts full of national culture into schools is a major policy of the Government. Through martial arts, students will be trained in morality, patience, and martial thought that the Ancestors sent. It is also the wish of the FPT University Masters with the responsibility of "teaching people" when they are silently fostering global citizens that will firmly step into the future.

    Nguyen Lan - Yen Chi

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