"Vietnamese Soul" - The beauty of traditional music at FPT University

    FPT University is the pioneer school in bringing traditional musical instruments into the training program. At this school, students in Information Technology, Economics, Language ... know how to play one of 6 ethnic musical instruments: the zither, the two-chord guitar, the monochord, the flute, the two-chord fiddle, the 4-chord lute is a no longer strange story. Taking ethnic instruments in the training program since 2014 has been considered as one of the efforts to teach students the ethnic-cultural quintessence, contributing to preserving and remaining the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Vietnamese people.

    Mr. Tran Cong Tinh - Lecturer of Traditional Musical Instruments has shared: “At FPT University, teachers have the opportunity to convey and spread traditional musical values to their students. In the trend of the market, how to let young people absorb the beauty of traditional music is what teachers are most concerned about. In addition to the skill of playing a traditional Vietnamese musical instrument, students have the opportunity to go on stage to perform confidently. Today's performance is also the result of the efforts of both teachers and students.”

    With the theme "Vietnamese soul", the students performed special performances: Ly cay da, Hon que, Giac mo trua, Do ta khong do nang, Auld Lang Syne, Hue royal music, ...

    The show ending course brought an unforgettable emotion to the attendees. Thanks to the non-stop practice, enthusiasm, and passion of the faculty and students of FPT University Danang, the show is very successful.

    Yen Chi

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