Tips pass green subject with Gold toad

    Coming to the next day, a season of Final Exam is about to take place, promising all the warriors their strength and strength to "fight".

    1 / For foreign language subjects
    At FPT University, apart from English, which is a certain foreign language, students also learn Chinese and Japanese to serve the accumulation process and future work. It is not too much to say that this is also one of the most "sweet" subjects because you have never come into contact with the Chinese characters, Kanji as well as hieroglyphs and onomatopoeia.
    Now, having to get used to the word surface, the writing style, and the handwriting from the beginning, the pressure of studying and taking exams is increasing. The first step to familiarize yourself with a new language is important to learn to listen, to regularly do the listening lessons in the exercise book every day to gradually memorize the words, then practice reading and writing. In addition, you can start translating everything around you into that foreign language to feel familiar, or listen to music, watch movies.

    “I think that in order to learn Chinese well, for me, it's hard to practice writing, memorize so that I can get good grades in the classroom test, work hard to get bonus points from my school's teachers you will provide an opportunity to get that point); About listening skills, I listen to music, watch Chinese movies; It's easy to say, just take advantage of your friends, chat in Chinese with your friends whenever possible to practice reflexes. ”- Ly Tra My, Toad Vang, SUMMER 2020 Semester Economics.

    2 / For math and economics subjects
    The numbers and charts are always the biggest concern of the students because they need absolute accuracy. That meticulous calculation is never easy. More remarkable, the subjects related to Mathematics at university level are often more macro because of the high general brain requirement when solving problems on statistical probability, accounting, economic math, ...

    Có thể là hình ảnh về 6 người, trong đó có Do Phuong Linh Chi, mọi người đang đứng, trong nhà và văn bản cho biết 'AW 20 27.01.2021'
    Therefore, a few online flashcard files to summarize definitions, formulas, and frequently asked questions are essential. If you already have a flashcard, you should review it after each lesson. If the subjects are not available, you can make your own flashcard. In addition, it is possible to create more forms of general knowledge such as mindmap.

    Most importantly, self-discovery or further research on the lessons on Google combined with skim & scan in the textbook is a method to achieve higher scores.

    3 / For subjects in graphics, design, and photography
    Particularly for subjects related to the arts like this, you need to pay close attention to observe. As one of the important soft skills, observation skills are not simply about seeing and seeing, but also how you analyze and understand inner meanings and feelings.

    “Except for drawing, I don't see anything very well. I like to study about Anatomy, it feels so new because it is like a large playground for me to explore more about the biological body. Learning Anatomy, you have to take the trouble to observe the body and movement of the person, try to remember the position of the muscle and then imagine the skeleton so that you have a better foundation, the ability to analyze is also much better - Tran Dan Thanh, Golden Toad in Graphic Semester SUMMER 2020.
    In less than a month, the Toads will enter the fiery FE arena. Fighting, surely nothing can knock FPT University students down!


    Phuong Anh (Source: FPT University Hanoi; Student Affairs Department of FPT University)

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