These moments need much love and understanding

    The return of Covid was something no one wanted and the plague was coming without exception!

    Nearly a year ago, FPT University Hanoi students joined hands with the community to give up the entire dormitory area to become a concentrated isolation area for Vietnamese expatriates around the world to return. And now FPT University is once again temporarily blocked to control the epidemic due to one student unfortunately infected with Covid.

    But hope that the community will share and have a tolerant perspective with FPT Edu, colleagues and students, their families so that we can both properly perceive and promote self-awareness. responsibility to join hands to repel the epidemic.
    Best wishes to all my physicians, frontline soldiers, colleagues, students and everyone in the health and well-being quarantine.
    Always be proud of the sense and community responsibility of the F family members. Let's try our best to fight off the epidemic 

    Phương Anh (Source: Article by Mr. Vu Manh Tuan - Head of Physical Education Department, FPT University Hanoi.)

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