The two super players of FPT University compete directly in the final round of the Vietnam Super Intellectuals

    Overcoming strong rival Thai Tan in the battlefield, Duc Giang will step up to the third challenge at Season 2 Super Intellectuals. This time, he will meet a season 1 player - Luong Tuan Phi. More specifically, Tuan Phi is also a student of FPT University.

    The emotional end of episode 9, the Vietnam Super Intellectual War Declaration Round season 2 has ended to open the Final Round. This the loop, the full program will be rovel when the following screen of scripts, with the best superintelligence from both seasons. One of the most awaited matches is the match of two students from FPT University, Nguyen Duc Giang - "master of space thinking" (FPT University Hanoi) and Luong Tuan Phi - "Magic eyes" (FPT University Ho Chi Minh City).

    The answers of the two FPT university and students in the fake pitch of the Vietnam Super Intellectual Program in general and FPT University students in particular were very excited. Responding to the incident of enthusiastic cheers, Duc Giang the entire studio and MC Tran Thanh strived together to show their confidence and bravery before the match. Sharing about his reasons for returning to the competition and about his opponent, Tuan Phi said: “I came here to prove my better version compared to the five-year competition. I see Duc Giang as a teammate. We fight together to win the competition, not to win each other! ".

    Promising to be one of the most attractive matches of Vietnam's Super Intellectuals, "space thinking master" Duc Giang will face "magic eyes" Tuan Phi with the test called "Maze of propellers" At Round Finals.

    On the stage, 100 propellers are displayed with 100 folding fans corresponding to a beautiful pattern eye. The main theme of the experimental works is the homeland of Vietnam, with many special features repeated in details such as coconut trees, bamboo trees, lotus ponds, chickens, buffalo-raising babies ... These paintings are random. The course is organized into pieces, each piece on a propeller.

    The 2 players have 60 minutes to observe 100 propellers. Then the supervisory board goes to the proposed area and selects 3 folding fans. The 2 players observe the information on the fan and quickly identify the corresponding fan. Then, based on the information on the fans just found, the player must continue to deduce and identify the remaining fans to form the original 3 pictures. This thing for the hard test is gain up up. High priority is correct, as both of them determine the correct answer, the player who uses less time wins.

    Episode 10 Vietnam's Super Intelligence Season 2 will be broadcast at 20:00 on January 23 simultaneously on the Vie Channel - HTV2, VieGIÁITRÍ and VieON applications.

    The journey of conquering "Vietnam Super Intellectuals" by Duc Giang gradually determines the talents of FPT University Hanoi students in the intellectual arena. Please look forward to the performance of Duc Giang and cheer him on at the Vietnam Super Intellectuals Season 2 Finals!

    Phương Anh (Source: FPT University Ha Noi)

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