The talented student with a million-view MV will soon be released "After 30"

    Singer-Songwriter & Co-Founder / Producer XT Production - AC Xuan Tai is famous and known by many people with nearly 80,000 followers on his personal page, through songs showing impressive talent such as: Rain Youthful age - May film soundtrack saving, Is growth a separation, 7 billion people, If we have never met - Soundtrack Hoang Quy Muoi ... Success and on the way to build a career with music, AC Xuan Tai - Software engineering alumni is a "mysterious factor" at FPT University when it is possible to balance both roles: programmer and music artist.

    “Right now I'm focusing on one of my biggest projects up to now, a big MV called" After 30 ", this project I have been dedicated to for a long time and finally. is about to come when I am confident to bring it to the audience. To reveal a little, this project was filmed at FPT University in Ho Chi Minh City and had the appearance of many special guests. Hopefully when the MV debut will be welcomed by everyone ", AC Xuan Tai shared his project in the future.

    Few people know that Singer-Songwriter A.C Xuan Tai "used to think that I should just be a programmer who can sing" when studying Software Engineering at FPT University. Initially, a student specializing in Information at Phan Boi Chau High School for the Gifted, since grade 10 A.C Xuan Tai was very fond of "playing with" computers. “At that time, I set up an Information Technology forum to exchange programming knowledge. My forum was also known quite a lot at that time, when Facebook was not really popular. I thought I was born to become a real IT, so it is not difficult to understand when I choose to pursue Software Engineering ”.

    There are many universities providing information technology training, but A.C Xuan Tai decided to choose FPT University as a place to develop his passion for programming, although the journey to the school was not entirely favorable. "The biggest obstacle I see is that the tuition fee is too high for myself. So I have no choice but to take the test and determined to get a high score so that I can win a scholarship. Of course, outside FPT University, I also have Examining 2 more universities to have more choices and luckily passed the University of Technology and Thuy Loi University. The full scholarship of FPT University has helped me make a pretty easy decision in 3 schools ".

    At FPT University, A.C Xuan Tai participated in the FPTU Talent Show contest and discovered that music is also his indispensable passion. “FPT University's events create conditions for students to develop individually, such as gifted subjects, talent-seeking art programs, to help them express themselves and overcome their own. Think not. Becoming the Champion of FPTU Talent Show 5 is a memorable milestone in my student's life. And it was also the event that made me realize that my musical ability was not only a gift, but I was fully qualified to pursue it seriously and professionally. And certainly many of you have, are and will be like me, by chance and with favorable environment / circumstances, realize what they are strong about, and then develop it.

    FPT University not only focuses on professional training and investment in facilities, but also considers creating conditions for "personal development" for students as one of the top goals. Accordingly, FPT University officially implemented the Personal Development program (PDP- Personal Development Program) into the training program for many years. At FPT University, students have comprehensive personal development with 5 knowledge blocks, equipped with: Physical education; Culture; Art and Emotions; Relationship and social responsibility; Soft skills. From there, you will determine your own passions and strengths.

    More specifically, in addition to being equipped with the knowledge of the subject, FPT University students can also learn gifted subjects such as traditional musical instruments and personal development through the talent shows and competitions: FPT University Talent, F-Talent… - events to discover and foster young talents.

    Before that, since 12th grade A.C Xuan Tai started to compose and had his debut song "Farewell afternoon", a song that many young people loved at that time ". As a student at FPT University in Software Engineering, A.C Xuan Tai continued to be a programmer along with composing and singing his songs.

    Now, songs by A.C Xuan Tai gradually appear in many big projects such as May Music Music, Hoang Quy Muoi Film Music ...


    Nhi Nguyen (Source: FPT University HCM)


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