The secret to catch up with the learning rhythm after Tet!

    Having been playing "over the counter" on Tet holiday but now have to go back to school, lessons, quiz deadlines, final, it's difficult, isn't it? Here are some tips to help you quickly catch up with school.

    1. Start the "mode" of daily activities

    On Tet days, we often wake up late, play late, sleep late. So if you continue to maintain it, you will feel very tired when you have to get up on time to go to school. Therefore, about 2-3 days before going back to school, the Toads should set the biological clock to "Work" mode. This can be done as simply as you go to bed about 15–20 minutes earlier each day, eat food on time, firmly say no to “through the night” games or “out of tune” sleeping sessions. hours".

    Moreover, eating a healthy diet, "healthy and balance", drinking enough water will help you stay awake and healthy.

    2. Think positively

    After the days with family, enjoying peaceful moments, when we get back to work most of us are not happy. Occasionally, seeing the image of a mother busy preparing food for her child to bring, my father checking the car for a safe ride, we cannot hide our tears, we just hope we can stay at home more.

    But every fun will end, think positively and the new year has many things ahead: "I need to work hard so that next year there will be a more meaningful Tet holiday".

    Don't put pressure on yourself either. Instead of thinking of the working days that await, read a book, plan this year, tie up with your friends for a last meal, "date" you guys at school ... Any Whatever makes you feel good makes your mood feel better. When the mood is happy and comfortable, everything will be fine.

    3. Don't learn right away

    Many of us, after having a jubilant New Year celebration, the burning atmosphere immediately jumped into our homework. That is not necessarily the right way to do it. You may soon become exhausted and stressed because the pressure of the homework suddenly returns so that you are not well prepared, and will have a negative reaction.

    Give yourself a break and warm up with gentle things like reading a book, buying some necessary school supplies, planning your next term study.

    4. Reload knowledge after a long break

    After the long break, maybe a lot of knowledge has been "dropped" somewhere so please quickly regain the spirit to gather back home. Starting to learn from your favorite subjects will help you feel more excited. During these days, group study is also recommended for you to think about.

    Study in groups to support each other's knowledge, remind each other "do not neglect learning" and also have "companions" to have fun with during breaks.

    Before your first day of school, take your homework at one go. This will help your brain establish a state of readiness to return to learning and repel the post-Tet lethargy.

    5. Set short-term goals

    Spending the first few days for yourself can catch up with the new semester's work load by setting short-term goals and rewarding yourself for accomplishing those goals.

    For example, you can set a goal of reading before the book at home or running ahead of time, if completed, you will reward yourself with a delicious cup of milk tea. Wow! Sounds interesting, right.

    Setting short-term goals and exciting rewards will increase your motivation to learn.

    6. Refresh the classroom atmosphere for the first day of spring

    If you only go to class on a regular day, sit at the lecture table, and then go home, change this year so that every day of class is a happy day. On the first day of the year, the teachers will also give you a little time to tell Tet's stories. Some New Year songs played, some greetings, some little stories at home to play Tet, this will make the classroom atmosphere become more bustling and also help you feel excited. more study hours.

    7. Do what you enjoy

    Get started on things that make you more active in the new year, like learning a new skill or starting a new hobby. Choose an activity that best suits your budget and interests, and you'll get in the mood right away. Toad Read's suggestion is to take a short course in Design, English, meditation, Yoga, embroidery, learn an instrument ...

    As long as your spirit is happy, comfortable, and excited, you will feel full of motivation to work right away. Hopefully these tips above can help you overcome the psychological hurdles that will more or less exist when you return to work after Tet and are more ready for the challenges ahead.

    Phuong Anh (Source: Toads and friends)

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