The school as the second home

    Following Do Nguyen Anh Hoa, a beautiful student of Digital Art Design major, to better understand FPT university.

    "I feel safe at FPT University like being in my own house, I have never been lost or lonely." These are the words shared by this little girl.

    Before going to Hanoi to study, I was "threatened" to be teased because of my voice, it is much different from those in the North, sometimes people cannot understand when I speak, I was a bit shy at first, speak less and just listen. Gradually, FPT University has helped me to change myself, step out, integrate, and communicate with people more. I remember the most when I received a call from a student relations officer. She asked if I was integrated and cared so much about me - those questions made me feel like a very important person.

    I remember F-camp during the first time at FPT University, we hugged and cried and sharing feelings together, even though we did not know each other before. Far from home, I sometimes miss my high school days, surrounded and supported by my parents. I need to become independent when going to university, I started to expand my social life more than before. I have the opportunity to explore all that I find new and exciting, to have the experiences of my student period: folding my own blankets, washing clothes, cleaning ... The strange feeling, homesickness passes very quickly. Only because FPT University makes me feel safe like my home with my brothers, sisters, teachers who are always beside to instruct me. Here, I learned to care more about others, to live for others, not only for myself.

    But perhaps the most meaningful time was in Xuan Hoa, when my friends and I experienced a rookie life in the army. Whenever, wherever we are, we are not alone, but also teachers who take care of us when we are sick, remind us to sleep, bring medicine when we are sick, and constantly ask about our feelings and thoughts. I met a lot of new friends and realized that, meet different lifestyles, thoughts, and people, I find myself needing to see life in a more multifaceted, and there is so much to learn. FPT University and the people here give me many precious lessons - not by the theory often found in textbooks but by what they express, by how they treat me or those around them. Everyone respects others like they respect themselves, and treats others the way they want to be treated.

    Source: FPT University HN

    Thao Hanh - Yen Chi

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