The ownership of the Photography The Tet in you is

    After 1 week of opening the online voting portal for the photo contest "The Tet in you is ...", the contestants have "caused a storm" with a huge number of likes and comments. Are the Toads curious who will own attractive gifts worth up to 2 million VND?

    Do not let the whole family wait any longer, after a period of careful statistics, the Organizing Committee would like to announce the last owners of the series of awards of the photo contest "The Tet in you is ..."
    The first prize went to Tran Minh Hieu - MSSV: HE151017 
    The second prize called the name of Can Hong Nhung - MSSV: HS160087 
    The third prize belongs to Nguyen Thi Huyen - MSSV: HE161784 
    The organizers congratulate you on excelling over many formidable opponents and winning prizes. The gifts will be contacted by the Organizer and handed over to you in the shortest time.





    Trong Nhan ( ICPDP, FPT University Ha Noi )

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