The New Year Gala night promises to make Hola an explosion

    A big explosion happened when the news of the Gala Vi Tet night first appeared shocked Hola.

    After many years of longing and longing, the Gala night was officially included in the "rocking" schedule at Vi Tet. The presence of the mysterious Buffalo DJ system promises to bring a burning countdown that makes Toad's house wobble.

    Gala night is also the gathering place for a series of the most popular clubs in Hola. The elaborate preparation of Coreteam BTC's repertoire combined with the diversity of famous clubs such as FPT Melody Club, No Shy Club, Hebe Club, FTIC Traditional Instrument Club, FCC Chinese Club, FPT Soleil Crew , FPT Junior Yosakoi, FPT Blazie Dance Team or the unique performance of FU Street Workout promises to make spring sparkle at Vi Tet 2021
    And there are many "top of the top" performances going to the oven, will it be enough to burn Vi Tet before the heat of our Toads? Please look forward to it and burn your heart out on FPT University's New Year Gala night

    Phương Anh (Source: FPT University Ha Noi)

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