The journey of the FPT student to meet the challenge at The Brain Vietnam

    Although not an Origami master or someone who is knowledgeable about this art, Duc Giang was still amazed when he conquered the Origami Transforming challenge in episode 5 of The Brain Vietnam.

    Appeared at The Brain Vietnam episode 5, Nguyen Duc Giang - a 22 years old student from Hanoi accepted a challenge that current international players have not yet conquered: Origami Transforming.

    From the beginning, both the expert on this subject - Hoang Tuan, the judges, and Tran Thanh were quite concerned about its probability of success due to the difficulty of the challenge. Judge Lai Van Sam said: "This is probably the first time in The Brain Vietnam, I feel worried".

    Full of emotions, Soobin said, "I'm so fascinated when they show the results, it had been a long time since I last was that nervous, it's like witnessing an X-man of Vietnam".

    Used to not believe that Duc Giang could overcome the challenge, but with what he has seen with his own eyes, Origami creator Hoang Tuan said: “In Origami, there is a software called Ori3 - it's for solving these maps for people who can fold paper. What he has done is like a project of composing data and content in many years, and they put this data in this head. " With what Duc Giang showed on stage, scientific judge Tran Thanh Nam decided to give 9 points of difficulty, bringing the total to 135 points to help him join The Brain Vietnam Team season 2.

    With his great performance, Nguyen Duc Giang has made us proud of an extraordinary individual, bringing talent of young Vietnamese to the world. Congratulations Giang on his great performance and wish you will always keep your manners and get many achievements in the future.

    Source: FPT University Hanoi

    Nhi Nguyen - Yen Chi

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