The Golden Toad of two semesters in succession shared learning tips

    In two consecutive semesters, the Summer 2020 semester and the Fall 2019 - Spring 2020 semester, Tran Nguyen Thuan - a K15 student of Digital Marketing - FPT University Ho Chi Minh City is an excellent student to be honored at the Student Achievement Awards of FPT University, HCMC.

    The Honor Ceremony is one of the most anticipated events of FPT students in a semester because this is an opportunity for the school to recognize the efforts of individuals and groups with academic achievements as well as excellent performances in movement activities. And Golden Toad is the most important award for FPT university students, the award is given at the Honor Ceremony of each semester. At the Honor Ceremony of FPT University Ho Chi Minh City on December 17, the Golden Toad Awards officially given to individuals with outstanding achievements in both learning and movement activities of the Summer 2020 semester. With his efforts and determination, the Golden Toad of the Spring 2020 - Tran Nguyen Thuan continues to maintain his position and is the name to appear in the honor awards for students in the last semester.

    This talented boy also shared his secret to becoming an excellent student. That is, besides studying, you must always apply the knowledge you have, not only acquiring knowledge but also use knowledge to create value for yourself and society. For Thuan, learning is the continuity and association, so he always tries to participate in activities and competitions inside and outside the school to build his knowledge base as well as practical skills. In the last Summer semester, Thuan also joined his teammates in the FPT Edu Biz Talent and won third place in the national final round.

    Nguyen Thuan at the competition FPT Edu Biz Talent 2020

    To prepare for the next semester, Nguyen Thuan shares that he really wants to experience the practical work environment through internships at the enterprise. He hopes that through these activities, he will have the opportunity to learn and acquire knowledge as well as mature more in study and life.

    Source: FPT University HCMC

    Nhi Nguyen - Yen Chi

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