The girl of FPT University with a dream of conquering the Graphic Design industry

    Nguyen Thu Giang is the second name from FPT University Hanoi to win an award at FPT Edu Color Up 2020. Behind the outstanding performance at the competition is a story about a small girl with a dream of conquering the industry. Graphic Design.

    Previously at Luong The Vinh High School - one of the leading high schools in Hanoi and owns ielts 6.5, Thu Giang chose to study Artificial Intelligence at FPT University Hanoi: “My school is one of the places training the best technology in the country. " However, after 2 semesters, Thu Giang herself found that she was not suitable to pursue this field, she decided to switch to Graphic Design.

    Talking about this decision, Thu Giang shared that it stems from the interesting experiences participating in events and clubs at FPT University Hanoi. Right after entering the school, spending the military semester, Thu Giang had the opportunity to become the leader of design - construction in Coreteam Xuan Hoa. After returning to HoLa, she continued to be an effective collaborator for IC - PDP (International Cooperation and Personal Development Department, FPT University Hanoi) to design the folk New Year program to make a strong impression on students. FPT staff.

    Not stopping there, she actively enrolled in the Melody Club Design Department, one of the famous Hola famous clubs. “Getting started on building and organizing an event is always fun, more memorable than just coming and participating. Thanks to that, I also learned many things, from work responsibilities, experience in organization, communication, teamwork… ”. Finally, from her experience and passion, Thu Giang does not hesitate to turn to the Design industry to live as she is: enthusiasm and courage.

    Young girl pursuing her career in Graphic Design

    As a K15 student and decided to change the profession in the middle, but when in the first year, Thu Giang suddenly decided to try FPT Edu Color Up. This playground is considered to be challenging and large-scale when all students in FPT Education sector compete. For a long time, Thu Giang excelled in winning the Impressive Presentation Award in the Graphic Design FPT Edu Color Up 2020 tournament.

    By participating alone in the contest instead of deciding to find a team, Thu Giang shared the difficulties she encountered during the competition: “I have to fix a lot, I don't like here and there forever, I got out. the final version took more than a week. Then when going into round 2 of the competition things get more complicated, I have to build a project with a full communication campaign. Honestly, I am very worried, I do not know how the BGK will judge. " In order to have Thu Giang dare to do, dare to take the exam at that time, she sent a special thanks to her friend who always helped her and teacher Ngo Minh Thang always enthusiastically gave comments and suggestions.

    Coming to FPT Color Up 2020, Thu Giang brings the work "Dream": "Dreaming to me is not simply a dream that I meet while sleeping, but also a deep desire and desire in the heart of each person. . My work "Dream" includes 4 artwork with abstract concepts, expressing different 'dreams'. "

    Between people and people, sharing is the most durable and meaningful bond.

    Conquering new milestones in life is the common desire of young people who are always enthusiastic and dedicated on the way of realizing their own "dream".

    “When making this picture, I read a lot of news about severe natural disasters in the Central region and nothing is more valuable to them than sympathy and sympathy with the people to be able to help and support them while they are. fighting against storms and floods (so the image is also feet touching water) ”.

    After a series of catastrophes, devastating epidemics, nature also has a "dream" to be recovered.

    “FPT Edu Color up gave me many“ first time ”: the work was displayed at VCCA exhibition for the first time, presented to famous managers in the industry for the first time, building projects alone, ... After all, going to the final round was an unexpected success for me, and getting to the award again was really good. This award is a recognition for my ability and also the motivation for me to try harder ”, shared Thu Giang.

    A special memory Thu Giang shared during the competition: “I have placed a fingerprint zone next to the poster so that if the poster's message" touches "the viewer, they can leave a fingerprint on there. I only have 3 days but did not expect to receive so many fingerprints, so much so, really fun. Unexpectedly his artwork "touched" so many people, "Thu Giang excitedly recounted.

    Don't be afraid to try your best to express yourself and find yourself!

    Few people know that Thu Giang has participated in two parallel design competitions, namely FPT Edu Color Up and Creative Hunter. It is known that her friend just happened to see information on Facebook, but with a personality not afraid of challenges, Thu Giang quickly raised the idea and submitted the contest. Finally, because there was not enough time to refine many exams at the same time, Thu Giang stopped at the Top 20 Creative Hunter. However, her friend asserted: “If you have time, if you have an idea, you can only fight. We are young, let's go close to know where we are. If we only study in class, we cannot develop our capabilities. In the future, I will definitely continue to participate in many more contests, perhaps larger-scale competitions ”.

    Phương Anh (Source: FPT University Ha Noi)

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