The cult dance group has bold personality Soleil Crew

    Known as Soleil Crew - the second most popular dance group in Hola country. Let's learn more about the dance group that always has its own 1 - 0 - 2 quality.

    Soleil Crew history

    Soleil Crew is a dance group of FPT University Hanoi, founded in 2016 by An Du - K12 Student and Miss FPTU 2018. The number 4 probably means a lot to the group because it is the number of successes. the first members - the people who laid the foundation for Soleil Crew's growth and growth in the future.


    In the early days of its establishment, the group could not avoid the difficulties. One of them is to cultivate professional skills together. All members are amateurs, so practice always needs each other to share skills, help each other progress and develop. Over the course of several membership seasons, the quality as well as the number of members have increased, meaning Soleil has faced some more difficulties.

    In terms of time, the group members have different study schedules, making it difficult to arrange a full training schedule. Although the group has a fixed training schedule, when doing projects or practicing for the event, everyone has to take the time to practice together more. Besides, because the group is more and more crowded, people often have conflicting opinions in meetings. There were sometimes arguments, but the group always sought to resolve the problem right there.


    Over the past 4 years of operation, Soleil Crew has always aimed to create and develop a dynamic, dynamic and individual dance group suitable for FPT Students. Soleil Crew's further goal is to bring the group in the form of a club of artistic activities, not only dancing but also singing and acting.

    Under the common roof, all members are always proud to be an indispensable piece in this brilliant picture. Together holding hands to step through all difficulties and challenges and exploding with all our efforts on stage is the "passion" of the passionate Soleil-ers of the youth.

    Choosing the name Soleil Crew, the group wants to be able to develop a strong, long-term and hope that each of you will be able to shine, succeed by your own passion as well as the meaning of the group's name.

    Chameleon "Deep Ray" with a yellow board achievement

    From the very beginning, Soleil did not define a fixed dance style for the group. The members often called each other the chameleon jokingly because any style could "play". The diversity of style as well as acting is a highlight of the Soleil Family. Some of the group's most prominent styles are sexy dance, hiphop choreography and dance cover.


    Since we can create diversity in style, Soleil Crew is also quite “expensive show”. Most large and small programs in the school have the presence of Soleil Crew, including: Folk New Year Events, New Course Opening, F-Camp, Honoring Ceremony, Graduation Ceremony, Enrollment, ...

    Not only in school, Soleil also regularly received invitations to perform outside the school such as events of high schools in Hanoi, events of company units, ... In addition, the group also achieved some achievements such as: Excellent Club of Spring 2019, Top 4 VUG - Dance Battle 2018, Top 3 VUG - Dance Battle 2019, Top 10 FU Talent Show 6, ...

    Soleil Culture - “Teamwork makes the dream work”

    “Teamwork makes the dream work” is a slogan that serves as a guideline for all group activities. At Soleil, skill requirements are not number one. The group cares about consciousness, attitudes and connections among the members. When the members respect and understand each other, it will create a good teamwork and bring more success to the group.


    Revealing a bit about Soleil Crew's upcoming project on the occasion of the new year of Tan Suu 2021, the group is cherishing a "super big" New Year project. This project is both a gift to summarize the old year welcoming the new year that the group wants to send to individuals who are living and working at FPT University Hanoi. This is also Soleil's super new Gen debut after the recruitment in November 2020.

    Let's enjoy the crew dance clip here

    The representative of the group revealed that this will be the most invested project of the group ever and sponsored by FTV. Project will be released around the end of January. Hope everyone will look forward to it!


    Trong Nhan ( FPT University Ha Noi )

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