The 2020 Telecom Seeds for the Future opening ceremony

    Recently, on November 24, 2020, representatives of FPT University, miss Pham Tuyet Thanh Ha - Head of Student Relation Office (SRO) attended the Opening Ceremony of Telecom Seeds for the Future 2020 at Huawei's Headquarters in Vietnam - 33rd Floor, Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower, Pham Hung, Hanoi.

    Ms. Pham Tuyet Hanh Ha - Head of Student Affairs Department  representative of FPT University gave a speech at the event

    Especially, in this program, FPT University has 02 out of 25 students participating nationwide which are Pham Bac Nguyen - a Software Engineering student and Tran Anh Tung - an Information Technology student.

    Pham Bac Nguyen - a student majoring in Software Engineering, representative of FPT University student gave a speech at the event.

    FPT University representative taking photos at the event

    The event is the first step in laying the foundation for cooperation and development in technologies as well as opening up national science and technology from the seeds of future telecom.

    Source: Office of Student Affairs FPT University Hanoi

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