Supernatural work of art by FPT students

    Online learning continues to bring many unforgettable experiences to the FPT “Toads” but not so that it reduces the quality of the lessons as well as the spirit of the FPT Teachers. New graphic products are launched by the K16 freshmen in digital art design at FPT University HCMC, conducted with only 2 online sessions to prove it.

    The exercise with the theme "MY IDOL" given by Mr. Nguyen Viet Tan to the K16A freshmen conducted during the online study week has brought a lot of inspiration to teachers and viewers.

    Mr. Nguyen Viet Tan commented: “This is an excellent level of beginners, you have only started studying for 5 weeks, and the product implementation time is only 2 sessions, about 9 hours. Even though you study online, you are still very serious, your products inspired me a lot”.

    Nhi Nguyen (Source: Mr. Nguyen Viet Tan - Lecturer in Digital Art Design, FPT University HCM)


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