Summer camp at National University of Singapore

    General information:

    - This program is carried out by the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMS) in collaboration with IPAM / UCLA to create opportunities for talented students to work in real research projects related to mathematics. , statistics, data science and computer science, with the support of industry advisors.

    - Students ARE WORKING (CN9) and recent graduates
    - Having a solid foundation in Mathematics and interested in practical applications of mathematics.
    - Proficient (or experienced) in computer science, data analysis, numerical calculation will be an advantage.

    Time takes place:
    - From 31/05/2021 - 30/07/2021 (9 weeks) at National University of Singapore NUS.

    - Receive a "frost mist" allowance of S $ 3000, round-trip airfare and accommodation assistance.
    - Explore careers in math, science and technology.
    - Opportunity to learn about the sponsoring company through working directly with mentors.
    - In addition, living and working with talented students from many countries is not only a valuable experience but also gives you the skills, giving you an advantage in the job market in the future.

    Registration link:
    CV written in ENGLISH
    Deadline: February 28, 2021

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