Some typical community activities of FPT

    Every year, FPT University Hanoi students always have many events for the community with the desire to spread love and positive energy to everyone.

    Charity trips or community activities have long become an annual event for clubs at FPT University Ha Noi. From cute fundraising ways such as exchanging plastic bottles for trees through the "Take a tree, Make a change" event to the activities of collecting warm clothes for poor children through the event "Ha Giang warm clothes", bringing The warmth until the winter of Sapa after the teambuilding trip called "Guitar Go", ... all mark a beautiful milestone on the journey of spreading love of FPT Students in Hanoi in the last days of 2020, towards a year. 2021 more optimistic and brighter.


    Guitar Go - a song that brings warm sunshine to the highlands of Sa Pa

    Last December, the members of FPT Guitar Club held an exciting annual internal event at Hoan Kiem walking street. The tour has ended the journey of Guitar Go with a large amount of donations. All the money is used to buy books, school supplies and warm clothes with the desire to bring a warm winter to the unhappy lives.

    Guitar Go fundraising tour on the pedestrian street

    The charitable place that Guitar GO has recently targeted is the school site of Ta Van Mong village, Ta Van commune, Sapa town, Lao Cai province. This is a remote and remote land, the living conditions of the people are extremely difficult and needy. Organizers Guitar GO and the volunteer students started the journey over 280km to Ta Van Village School on the night of December 10.

    With a heart of enthusiasm and the spirit of "good leaves protect torn leaves", more than 100 FGC members brought warmth to school-day students in the harsh weather of the high mountains around Sa Pa. cloudy years. This volunteer trip also contributes to the motivation for the teachers in the highlands to overcome many difficulties to bring the letters and the future to the young students here.

    “For me, Guitar GO has accomplished its goal of attracting a lot of attention from students inside and outside the school, contributing to bring a little warmth of love to them. small, highland teachers ”- friend Nguyen Truong An - leader of Guitar GO 5 shared.

    “Take a tree- Make a change” - The greenest event in the country of HoLa

    Realizing the outstanding status of cans of water cans and plastic bottles in FPT University Hanoi campus, Chai Shell Fund Club has launched a very meaningful event called "Take a tree - Make a change" to contribute the part of FPT students' awareness raising about environmental protection.

    At the event, you will bring 5 empty cans and bottles to the check-in table in the Alpha lobby in exchange for a beautiful little stone lotus planted in a paper cup. The paper cups are designed with eco-friendly materials, extremely durable, do not worry about rotting or rotting when meeting water. In addition, the stone lotus tree does not need watering or much care, very suitable for the dormitory environment of the students.

    The collected quantity of plastic bottles will be sold to scrap collection facilities. The money after the sale will be used for future volunteer activities of Chai Shell Fund Club. With a super cute event, the Bottle Shell Foundation not only raises the students' awareness of preserving and protecting the "green" environment, but also raises funds to help unlucky lives in society.

    "Ha Giang warm clothes" - the journey brings happiness

    The journey "Ha Giang warm clothes" of the club For iGo community, FPT University Hanoi has been through 10 years with many different levels of emotions. During those 10 years, a lot of warm clothes were sent to children in the highlands year round. That is happiness, the warm sunshine comes from the sympathetic and shared hearts of Toads from HoLa country.

    At the end of last December, the 5th season of “Ha Giang Warm Clothes” was held on a large scale, attracting the attention of many students, students and lecturers at FPT University Hanoi. As planned since September, the event organizers kick-off with a series of interesting activities such as: the event "GiftbookChallenge" donated 3,000 books to build a library for children in the commune to slap Nga, Ha Giang; blood donation event "Warm bracelets 11"; Charity music night "Light up the dream" with the participation of rapper Gill, magician Chi Vu, ...

    On the night of December 19, 2020, the whole delegation consisted of members of the iGo Community Club and the volunteers who departed from the FPT University Hanoi "platform" to come to Ha Giang. The 16-hour cliff-climbing journey is no longer tiring to witness the innocence and innocence of the children here.

    There are many interesting and useful activities for children such as building bookcases, making playgrounds, giving life jackets, warm blankets, and learning tools for them. As soon as they received the shirt, they wore it in infinite happiness. That is the most meaningful gift that any member of the iGo club hopes to receive in return.

    The journey "Ha Giang warm clothes" has ended, but the dreams of the children here will open. Then many more winters, loving hearts will again urge the next generations of students to leave, sharing the warm sunshine together.

    Not only "Take a tree- Make a change", "Guitar Go" or "Ha Giang warm clothes", ... many meaningful volunteer activities have been, and will be, taking place in HoLa Land, to spread love. from FPT Students everywhere. Happy youth to be given away - let's create new journeys, new experiences together, to retain beautiful memories, brilliant colors for our youth!

    Trong Nhan ( FPT University Ha Noi )

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