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    Let's follow Hong Lien to go back in time to 1 month of English semester experience at KDU Penang when entering the first year of FPT University, Hanoi!

    Có thể là hình ảnh về 3 người, mọi người đang đứng, bóng bay, kính mắt và trong nhà
    ❤ Going abroad for the first time.
    Hong Lien is a K15 student in Digital Marketing, the opportunity to participate in a one-month study trip at KDU Penang came to her as soon as she finished her TRS 5 program. On this trip, the whole group had 161 students. From all parts of the country of FPT, the Hanoi delegation had 8 members in total.

    For Hong Lien, this was the first time going abroad, so the airport procedures were completely new, but the IC-PDP staff helped Lien to answer all questions and encouraged her spirit. “The brothers and sisters also instructed me on how to live and live. If you are not used to eating, you can find Chinese restaurants. Then tell us it's a multi-ethnic country so don't feel strange or discriminate against people. Mr. Khiem traveled with the group to Penang, so even though 9:30 pm, the whole group landed in Penang, but everything was extremely convenient and safe ”.
    Setting foot in Malaysia, a deep impression of Hong Lien is the friendliness and enthusiasm from KDU, Penang: “The school assigns 2 staff in the Student Service Department and also has a bus to welcoming us even though it was very late, everyone was enthusiastic and very friendly ”.

    Có thể là hình ảnh về đang đứng và văn bản
    ❤ “I learned more than that”.
    The 1-month program gave Hong Lien not only lectures in class but also new things about Malaysia, international friends, or the friends of the three regions who followed Lien here. You can enjoy the food together, go to your favorite street corners and keep many beautiful moments.

    Lien claimed to have a passion for food, just arrived at 9:30 pm, but the group pulled together to eat at night: “When I first tried Malay food, I was afraid to cry, eating noodles with a non-spicy order, but my tongue was like Fuming. They are really spicy. Later, people found a Chinese and Vietnamese food market, so they ate the familiar dishes again. However, there is another place that Lien cannot ignore is the KDU school canteen. She told about billions of delicious dishes she tried here and did not forget to close "Canteen is delicious and cheap!".

    Có thể là hình ảnh về 1 người và trong nhà
    ❤ Learn a lot and still have fun and energy.
    Compared with other students studying the same level of English in Vietnam, the program will last 2 months, on this side, students will complete the course in just 1 month, so each day is 6 hours. Hong Lien said that it might seem heavy to hear over time, but in fact KDU does not focus on academic knowledge which is only theoretical, but mainly organizes activities and games to integrate into lessons for students. Students feel comfortable and can easily acquire knowledge in the most effective way.
    Lien shared about the learning process full of interesting experiences from communication skills class, lectures, sometimes the whole class arranged in a circle to talk to each other, to the interviews. International student sister in school to gather information. “Especially, we also trained our acting skills, filmed the drama through the“ homework ”called“ Make Drama ”. It is the footage that stimulates our imagination and creativity while also training us in teamwork skills ”.

    Hong Lien forever remembers the group of classmates, although each of them is from a region, the one from Hanoi, the one from Da Nang, another one from Ho Chi Minh City, but together they were so happy: "I remember the night the most. running the deadline for submitting drama movies, each of them having a cup of coffee and then sitting together to edit the video and forget the time, when looking at the clock, it was 5am. In the end, we did not receive the high award, but in return, we received the award "The group with the best picture of City Tour". That will definitely be a memory we will remember during our youth “.

    In addition to class hours, the school also organizes an extra-curricular session for students called "City Tour". This trip will lead you to visit many famous places such as Upside Down Museum, Ghost Museum, Street Art ... and learn many unique features in the indigenous culture of Malaysia - a country with many ethnicities, high education and especially the strongly developing technology.

    Có thể là hình ảnh về một hoặc nhiều người
    ❤ Get out of the cocoon to "spread wings" to discover new things.
    "I used to feel afraid of going abroad!", Lien said. She never thought she would have a journey like that. She feels so fortunate to have the opportunity to go abroad, come to an open international environment, meet teachers and friends who always love and share with her, so that until now, whether in two countries or each Country domain can still chat together. Getting out of the cocoon is the beginning of new things, enjoying immersing yourself in those experiences.

    The message that Hong Lien gives to you is hesitant or never thought of the point of setting foot abroad to study is: “Don't be afraid if you have never gone abroad. The journey of thousands of miles begins with the first steps of that day. Also, remember to bring instant noodles, just in case you don't get used to the food over there ”.

    Please dare to walk, dare to experience, only you can explore and answer questions that are still wondering. After Hong Lien's sharing, has toad been ready to wrap the melon fruit thanks to F school for overseas export?

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    Phuong Anh (Source: FPT University Hanoi; International Cooperation & Personal Development Department ICPDP FPTU)

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