Salary of thousands of dollars with artificial intelligence profession

    AI is one of the four core technologies for digital transformation. This is considered a new field with great potential for development in Vietnam.

    In particular, on January 26, 2021, the Prime Minister issued the National Strategy on Research, Development and Application of Artificial Intelligence until 2030. This will be a lever to promote the human resources market. AI artificial intelligence enhances in the near future.

    According to a survey by Navigos Group from employers, the biggest advantage of Vietnamese technology companies is human resources: competitive labor costs, stable economy, educated workforce. Good, smart, visionary.
    Human resource background in IT industry is highly appreciated in terms of skills and potential. In the response period with Covid-19, AI is focused on investment and efforts of the State and large technology corporations such as FPT, Viettel, Vingroup, ...

    More than 69% of businesses believe that the Technology trend of 2021 is Artificial Intelligence. In the decade from 2010 to 2020, the demand for IT recruitment increased 4 times, of which in 2020, demand for the data science / AI industry increased by 27.4%, especially sharply in the period of 2018-2020. but only accounts for about 6% of total market demand.

    Vietnam IT workforce has 400,000, IT students graduate 50,000 each year from more than 153 training schools. The average salary posted in AI industry is equivalent to 31 million VND, in the Top 2 IT industries with the highest salary. But high-quality AI human resources are still scarce.

    The AI ecosystem is increasingly enriched with clubs, faculties, schools, institutes, communities: VietAI, VinAi, QuynhonAI, ... 2 scientific researches on AI are published at Neul PS.

    Technology businesses demonstrate a long-term vision and sustainability in recruitment: 56% choose to connect with training schools to prepare for the future. The year 2020-2021 is a period that is both a challenge and an opportunity for the entire AI human resources market to be fast in both quality and quality.

    In 2021, FPT University enrolls in Artificial Intelligence for the candidates of TOP50 SchoolRank High School 2021 (50% of the candidates with the best academic ability in the country).

    FPT students will enjoy the advanced technology in teaching and learning. In addition to broad background knowledge in the field of computer science including: foundations of mathematics, physics, electronics, computer structures, operating systems, software programming languages, data, algorithms, students will be researched and practiced in specialized directions in the field of Computer Science in the field of artificial intelligence such as expert systems, human-machine interaction and application in environments such as multimedia systems; image and sound processing; big data analysis ...

    Phuong Anh (Source: VTC)

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