Revealing 5 Golden Cocoons of Summer and Fall 2020 semesters

    In order to honor individuals and groups with good achievements in the last two semesters Summer and Fall 2020, on the evening of January 27, 2021, FPT University Hanoi held a ceremony to honor FPT Student Award 2020, attracted the participation of hundreds of students and guests.

    The Honoring Ceremony is an annual event to honor students and clubs for their outstanding achievements and dedication throughout the semester. On the evening of January 27, the Ton Vinh Ceremony for the Summer term and the Fall 2020 term took place at the 30m street area in front of the Gamma Hall.

    The ceremony was attended by Mr. Phan Truong Lam - Head of Training Department of FPT University Hanoi, Ms. Nguyen Ha Thanh - Head of International Cooperation and Personal Development Department, Ms. Pham Tuyet Hanh Ha - Head of Student Affairs Department staff and teachers, staff members from various departments and lecturers of FPT University Hanoi.

    Speaking at the ceremony of Ton Vinh, Mr. Phan Truong Lam shared: “You are very honored to stand here with students with excellent and excellent academic results, teams with excellent movements in the last semester. by. On behalf of the teachers of FPT University, I would like to thank the students. They put a lot of effort from studying and practicing to the skills to achieve today's achievement. On behalf of all staff of FPT University Hanoi, thank you for doing what we want. With our school's real education environment, real exams, and real success, I wish you all the enthusiasm for learning and movements and increasingly accumulating valuable experiences for themselves. . "

    The award ceremony includes the following categories: Honoring excellent students, excellent individuals in movement activities, outstanding movement activities and finally the top prize. In the Summer and Fall 2020 periods, nearly 900 students were honored for their impressive academic and extracurricular achievements.

    In the category of excellent students, 58 outstanding faces were awarded with outstanding academic achievements: GPA of 9.0 or higher.

    In addition, 9 clubs with active and effective activities in recent years were awarded the title of excellent movement collective. Out of a total of nearly 50 clubs on campus, only 5 teams are honored each term.

    The chairman of the JS Club club shared his feelings when the 10th time the club received the award: “The most important thing that makes the club's success today is the cohesion of members at a high level and with good expertise. We have organized a small number of effective academic and cultural events, thereby connecting students in the school, as well as outside the school. In the near future, the club will return with super interesting activities, please follow and support us. "

    Also in the ceremony, the most prestigious award from FPT universities - Golden Dog, was awarded to 5 students: Nguyen Viet Long (engineering block), Phung Duc Thang (engineering block), Ly Tra My (economic block), Tran Dan Thanh (graphic block) and Nguyen Hong Lien (economic block).

    Standing on the honor podium, Nguyen Viet Long emotionally said: “First of all, I would like to thank the students in the Student Collaboration Department, as well as the whole school staff for giving me a chance to attend. on today's honors ceremony. I have never been confident in my learning abilities, however, today, as everyone has seen me standing here and achieving the highest honor of the ceremony. Perhaps, everyone will look at my journey, a person coming from nothing up here. Hope that you will always keep faith in what you are doing. Success will come to you soon. ”

    Being honored for the second time in a row in the Economic Block Golden category, Ly Tra My expressed: “I was very touched and surprised to see the mother's face appear on the stage screen. I want to thank everyone, the teachers and staff of the school who have helped me a lot. I also want to thank my three big families under this FPT school, the Guitar Club, the Business Club and the Muay Thai Club. I feel very lucky when I have chosen FPT University Hanoi as a destination for 4 years of university ”.

    The special thing about this ceremony is the appearance of two guest singers Thinh Suy and PAY. Two indie singers brought "chill" songs such as "Story of that", "A drunk night" ... In addition, Thinh Suy also dedicated the live version of "Green Love" to FPT University students when Hola is also the place where this MV is performed.

    Congratulations to all the students who were honored at the ceremony and the 5 new Golden Cocoons. Hopefully, this will be the driving force of all FPTU students to start a spring 2021 semester full of momentum.

    Phương Anh (Source: FPT University Ha Noi)

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