New Year's Day 2021, the special New Year of FPT students

    January 31 is a long day for all students and faculty of FPT University Hanoi in particular and the entire FPT education sector in general when confirming that there is a positive student for Covid-19 virus. Before this information, most of the students have feelings of anxiety, especially those who are still "stuck" in the dormitory before returning home to celebrate Tet.

    On January 31, FPT University of Hoa Lac campus was blocked because there was a student infected with Covid-19.

    “I almost feel traumatized and hopeless. Thinking about a Tet without family, thinking about lonely days here, and tears just kept flowing. People go to work to study for a whole year, but when Tet doesn't come home, it's meaningless ”, shared by Phuong Thuy, K15 student of Digital Marketing.
    “Honestly, when I heard that the school was blocked, I was a bit panicked and lost my temper. At that time I thought that the door to go home for Tet was almost closed. Then thinking to myself if I have met the other F0? Are you in that class? Did the other friend go to folk New Year? Once the information was confirmed, my concerns were cleared. I was less worried and thought that the school would soon open a blockade, ”said Nguyen Quang Huy, a student of K13 Information Security, who recalled that" turbulent "time.

    "However, things are not as scary as I thought ..."

    After the first day of worrying because you did not know what to do in such an ironic situation, you started to feel that things gradually became normal again when their daily life did not seem to have much change. Do Duy, a student of K13, majoring in Software Engineering spends his time searching for information about the translation situation outside but also to see how the situation is inside the school.

    Thuy Linh - K15, majoring in Graphic design, plans to self-study online with other self-insulated classmates: “We call each other a lot of video calls to ask about the situation. My parents are also worried that their daughter cannot come home to celebrate Tet, but my parents also trust the school and the government so they also tell me not to worry too much ”.

    Thuy Linh studied online with her friends while she was stuck in the dormitory

    Quang Huy felt that things would not turn out to be scary if he faced him calmly: “It turned out that life in those few days was still quite normal. It's just that school hours are much quieter and except for the supermarket with Sao Viet restaurant, there is no place to operate. I am still living normally, of course I will wear a mask out the door and go to my room to wash my hands fully. The contact with people is much less because part of my friends is coming home, and part is to comply with epidemic prevention. I still worry, if the school has F1 positive again, the school will blockade until the end of Tet. But I still try to text my mom that I will be back soon ”.

    “Walking about 30-45 minutes on campus is our daily activity because just eating and sleeping, we feel extremely pressing and imprisoned. In addition, we also create other activities such as painting, making up for each other, practicing dancing, spinning TikTok, even learning Chinese,...At any cost, not letting life turn back. so boring and boring ”- Phuong Thuy, K15 Digital Marketing.

    Then the day that the students of FPT University are looking forward to, the blockade is lifted, you will officially be able to return home to celebrate Tet with your family. In order for students to move to their locality as quickly and safely as possible, the school organized Tet bus trips to different provinces.

    Students return to their localities on the New Year trips organized by FPT University for those who are stuck at school

    Le Viet - K15 in Software Engineering is very excited when receiving information that the school will support the car to take you to the locality. “After the school removed the blockade, I immediately registered to return home by the school car. This was the first time I got in the car to return to my hometown for Tet without having to worry about crowding or not having a car as usual. But also for free, ”he said cheerfully.

    Another real New Year ...
    Compared to every year, this year's New Year certainly has many differences with the FPT students - those who directly experience so many emotions from the time of the F0 shift to their return home. These days, previous years were the days when Tet holiday shopping, clothes, beauty, beauty refurbishment, home refurbishment, and this year experienced countless levels of emotions, from anxiety, reflection. collapse, fear, homesickness to calm, self-control, self-awareness when living in epidemic times.

    “Compared to last year's Tet, this year's Tet is quite sad. Although the translation was done last year, but on the occasion of the internship, I still went to work according to the schedule, still had time to go out to talk. This year's Tet translates, everyone is afraid to go out to visit each other, the market atmosphere is also smoother. But now, means such as social networks, video calls have partly alleviated the sadness. I spend less time out, I have more time to spend with my family, more private time, enough time for me to reread the textbook, or plow a movie I've been watching for a long time. . Or you can use the time to practice workout at home and erase the curse of gaining weight in the Tet season ”, said Quang Huy.

    Many other FPT students also shared that there has never been a "turbulent" Lunar New Year and many emotions like this year. However, after all the luckiest thing for you is to still be able to return home to celebrate Tet with your family.

    “Thank you everyone, thank you for helping students who have to stay like me overcome difficulties during the quarantine period at the school ... The coming new year, I would like to send to all staff, lecturers, FPT students wish to the new year with abundant health, prosperity, prosperity, everything ... We will win the epidemic together! ", Le Viet, K15 student in Software Engineering.

    “Isolation, epidemics are not as scary as loss of faith and willpower. Thanks to our recent experience, we truly appreciate our family and home more and more. Still young, even though you stretch your wings to the horizon, then your mind still carries a sound of peace: Home. We hope that all FPTU staff and students in particular and the whole country in general will always be firm, strong and alert against the epidemic. A Tet season, whether away from home or at home, still filled with happiness and peace! " - Phuong Thuy and Minh Hai, K15, FPT University Hanoi.

    Nhi Nguyen (Source: FPT University Hanoi)

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