Nearly 800 high school students experience One day as a student and celebrate Tet early at FPT University Hanoi

    Joining Vovinam classes, ethnic musical instruments ..., interacting with clubs and especially welcoming Tet with FPT University students in Hanoi will be a memorable experience with nearly 800 high school students.

    Open Day is one of the exciting activities at FPT University Hanoi for high school students. Coming to Open Day, you will experience the feeling of becoming a real student through interesting activities such as interacting with FPT university clubs, participating in the experience class: Vo Vovinam class, Musical instrument class. Race, Soft Skills class ...

    The program had the participation of nearly 800 students from 10 schools: Quoc Oai High School, Hoai Duc A High School, Phuc Tho High School, Ba Vi High School, Cao Ba Quat High School - Quoc Oai, Nguyen Gia Thieu High School, Tung Thien High School , Phung Khac Khoan -Thach That High School, Thach That High School and Hai Ba Trung -Thach That High School.

    At 12:30 am on January 28, the first group of students arrived at FPT University, Hoa Lac campus

    Coming to FPT University Hanoi, for the first time, you experienced the feeling of waiting in line to buy rice and gather lunch at the cantin.

    Classes take souvenir photos at the world famous statue "Self-made man".

    After lunch, you divided into 2 groups. One group participated in the experience of practical classes of FPT students and one group had an exchange with FPT clubs in the hall on the 5th floor of Gamma building.

    At the experience class, you can learn Vovinam, learn traditional musical instruments and a soft skill class taught by lecturers of FPT University.

    In the exchange area with clubs, many famous names of FPT such as FU Street Workout Club, Soleil Crew, Melody ... were present and brought many attractive performances.

    In addition, on this occasion, at FPT University, Hanoi, there will be a folk New Year event with the theme "Tet Vi". Besides the main activities of "Open Day", the students will be immersed in the Lunar New Year atmosphere through folk games, banh chung - wish wishes, New Year's Eve, New Year red packets. hand, God of fortune knocks on the door, ... "Vi Tet" is a round-trip ticket that will bring you back to the familiar and simple New Year memories that you wish to return.

    Nguyen Thi Mai Anh, Cao Ba Quat High School, shared after a day of experience: “Today I learned Vovinam in an experience class organized by FPT. The teacher is very enthusiastic and also super funny. I learned Vovinam rituals and self-defense attacks very well. I find this martial very useful and practical, helping to protect myself in dangerous situations. After studying, we were taken by our students and students to visit the school. You are very enthusiastic and lovely ”.

    Nguyen Quoc Bao, a 12th grade student at Quoc Oai High School, feels very interested in the university's major in Software Engineering: “I see that my students not only have great academic achievements but are also very active and friendly goodness. The brothers and sisters enthusiastically advise us information about choosing the industry, choosing the right school for you. The campus is very large and modern. When I first arrived at school, I was surprised and impressed with the green space like a resort. For a long time, I have wished to study at school and if possible I would love to pursue a major in Software Engineering. I heard that this is a super quality study at FPT ”.

    Ms. Le Thi Nhung, the teacher of Technology - Nguyen Gia Thieu High School also praised FPT University during the tour: “The school is very beautiful and spacious, the campus is extremely spacious. I have led many groups of students to visit the school. And we hope that if you like and are suitable for FPT, please boldly register to the school right away. Because FPT is also a very good place for them to develop themselves in the future ”.

    Phương Anh (Source: FPT University Ha Noi)

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