More than 2.2000 students experience jubilantly with 1 day as FPT Student

    On January 16 and 17, more than 2,200 students from high schools eagerly flocked to District 9 where FPT University Ho Chi Minh City is located to participate in the Open Day Festival - Student Experience.

    The program took place to attract the participation of candidates and parents from high schools: Nguyen Hue High School, Marie Curie High School, Binh An High School, Long Truong High School, Nguyen Van Tang High School, Thu High School Duc, Vung Tau High School, Star High School ... Accordingly, students and parents have been able to visit the campus and experience diverse activities at Campus District 9.

    After visiting and checking in at many attractive places, students and parents were answered questions about the training program with teachers, students, alumni of the subject they love. like at FPT University HCM City Hall.

    The main speaker of the program is Mr. Le Binh Trung - Head of Admissions and Communication Department and Lecturer in Information Technology, Economics, Language, Design and Communication at FPT University HCMC. Parents and contestants 2k3 from high schools have questions about tuition fees, enrollment forms, training programs, international experiences, modern campuses at FPT University and about the fields of interest mind like:

    Business Administration, Digital Marketing, International Business, Hotel Management, Travel and Travel Service Management, Digital Art Design, Multimedia Communication; English language; Japanese Language, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Information Security, IoT

    FPT University Students are equipped with specialized knowledge and skills. At the same time, students are trained with necessary knowledge blocks in economics, technology, and languages to participate in diverse labor markets in many directions.

    At FPT University, 100% of students have the opportunity to participate in a semester specialized in overseas from 4-8 months; at the same time, to learn at least 1 level of learning English in the US, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei ... Training abroad helps you have a practical training environment, improve your foreign language skills to serve work as well as help students integrate internationally, have the ability to communicate - survive anywhere at home and abroad. 

    In addition, 100% of you can actually work at the enterprise under the OJT program in semester 6. OJT (On the job training) is a special internship program of FPT University with the purpose of equipping students with practical knowledge and skills to apply for future work by providing job training at enterprises, even when they are university students. At the OJT period, students learn by working, experiencing practical experiences in enterprises, participating in many projects of different sizes, rubbing, learning, and accumulating experience. Thereby, the students will be more mature and know how to "study methodically" (focusing on learning the most necessary things) when returning to continue their study journey.

    And with the international learning environment, the network of member companies and more than 365 customers / partners who are multinational corporations, FPT University Students have the opportunity to practice globally at Hitachi, Panasonic, Microsoft ...

    At FPT University, students are not only trained in professional skills, majors, and foreign languages, but also focus on physical training, soft skills, and personal development. In the first year, students will be familiar with effective university study methods such as self-study, time management, brain capacity optimization to improve learning outcomes. Students learn how to effectively teamwork, develop team, team member, group diversity, team leadership, team dynamics, conflict and cohesion in teams, plan and organize meetings and public. technology and virtual groups. In addition, training in presentation skills, CV writing skills, communication skills ...

    Accordingly, FPT University regularly organizes soft skills training programs for students such as Orientation at the beginning of the course, NINJA (Navigating an Independent Nonstop Journey to Autonomy) and other events regularly organized by the school such as: 48h Motion, talk show, Saigon Talk, 7 days experience ...

    Tran Kim Ngan, a 12th grade student at Nguyen Van Tang High School, said, "I really like the way the school teaches by practice and experience more than theory, and at the same time, the school also provides opportunities for students to go" Short-term study abroad "with English and major semesters".

    Tran Kim Ngan, 12th grade student at Nguyen Van Tang High School (left)

    Nguyen Huynh Ngoc Oanh, a 12th grade student at Nguyen Van Tang High School


    As for Nguyen Huynh Ngoc Oanh, a 12th grade student at Nguyen Van Tang High School, “I feel very happy and excited to be advised by teachers about choosing a career and what to equip before entering my career. . Especially the brothers and sisters at the school are super cute and friendly ”.

    With the unique leading green university architecture in FPT University HCMC Campus, parents and students from many high schools have been able to visit the check-in locations, modern facilities at the FPT : Dance practice area, Entertainment area (giant chess, table tennis, marbles), Rest area, relaxation, reading, Musical instrument room, Studio, Library, Soccer field, Vovinam Stadium , Club activities room, cinema room, food court (7-Eleven, Passio) ... Since then, parents and students can experience some interesting student life at FPT University HCMC.

    Doan Thi Nhu Ngoc, student of grade 12A10, Nguyen Hue High School

    Doan Thi Nhu Ngoc, a 12th grade student at Nguyen Hue High School shared, "I am very happy to attend a one-day experience at FPT University in Ho Chi Minh City, this trip satisfies my desire to learn about the university environment. I feel that the teachers and staff at the school are very friendly, very enthusiastic, and with such modern facilities, FPT University HCMC will be “ my "top choice after graduation".


    Trong Nhan ( FPT University HCMC )


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