More than 20 large enterprises signed cooperation agreements with FPT University

    FPT University, Ho Chi Minh officially signed a cooperation agreement with more than 20 5-star Resort - Hotel enterprises in the field of Tourism & Hotel Management.
    On January 22, 2021, FPT University Ho Chi Minh officially signed a MOU - a cooperation agreement with more than 20 enterprises of Tourism - Restaurants - 5-star hotels at Hall B Campus. This is the opening event opportunities and choices for FPT students in Ho Chi Minh City OJT sessions, internships, work while studying and after graduation.

    “The business appreciates the opportunity of cooperation and looks forward to a long-term cooperation with FPT University Ho Chi Minh, especially with the major in Tourism and Tourism Management Hotel ”- said Cohost Vietnam company representative.


    Attending the MOU, students of Tourism & Hotel Administration have the opportunity to exchange and build useful relationships for themselves with businesses in the Tourism - Restaurant - Hotel industry. At the same time, FPT University students in Ho Chi Minh can choose the school partners who signed the MOU to participate in the On the Job Training semester (training on practical jobs in enterprises).


    OJT (On the Job Training) is a special training program of FPT University, the purpose of equipping students with knowledge and practical skills to apply for future jobs by "apprentice" at enterprises. , even when you were college students. 100% of FPT students get OJT in Semester 6. By working, experiencing practically in enterprises, participating in many projects of different sizes, rubbing, learning, accumulating experience . the students will be more mature and know how to "study methodically" (focusing on learning the most necessary things) when returning to continue their learning journey.

    Nhi Nguyen (Source: FPT University HCM)

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