Meet hot girl Japanese language, inspirational students 2020

    Loved by her friends with the nickname "big sister", Ha Thuong was inspired by her enthusiasm to her friends, especially the students of the Language Department. Recently, Ha Thuong was one of the Top 9 inspiring students in 2020 in the category students who inspire learning in the language sector, honored by FPT University Danang.

    When he knew he was in the Top 9, Ha Thuong said: “Surprise. I was very surprised to find out that I was in the Top 9 inspiring students in 2020. As far as everyone knows, K13 Japanese Language students have completed their studies. And now I don't go to school much anymore. ”

    Ha Thuong shared that she enjoys watching movies, listening to music and drinking water with her friends. During his time at FPT University Da Nang, Ha Thuong won the title of Excellent Student for two consecutive terms and excellent students in Fall 2019. Top 9 inspirational students in 2020 were an intelligent student. testify to her own efforts in recent years. “I am not the best learner, with the highest achievement. But I'm proud of doing everything I can. ”, Thuong shared.

    For this personality girl, learning a new language is learning a new culture. Ha Thuong regularly shares his knowledge closely. Since then, the classes at FPT University's lecture halls became more exciting with the participation of Ha Thuong. Thuong revealed his learning method: “Each person will have a different way of absorbing and feeling. Don't over-impose other people's things on yourself. Find ways to enjoy it. For someone who regularly uses English in his life like me. When I study Japanese, I study Japanese - English. Instead of Japanese - Vietnamese. This method sounds absurd. But for me it's quite effective. Of course, the learning process is unlimited, there will be days when you feel tired and bored. Remember why you did it in the first place. Looking back at the distance I have passed. Then get ready to move on. "

    Talking about her experiences in studying and working at FPT University, what makes Ha Thuong love the most at her school are teachers and friends. Especially the sisters in the BJ1301 family. “There were days when we studied together, studied 6 slots a day, and there were drunk nights. There are tears of growing girls with farewells to their lovers. But more than that, lots of laughter. And holding hands together to step through a new year, a new beginning, "she tells about her memories with her friends.

    For Ha Thuong, the most memorable experience is the participation in organizing the event during K14's Intensive Training Month. For the first time, she confidently stood on stage as MC, scripted programs, arranged, built gratitude ceremonies and even party nights for friends to have fun together.

    The Japanese language student said that she has changed a lot since before and after entering the environment of FPT University. “Before I entered school, I was an extravagant girl. Willing to "turn" back on everyone, everything. After more than 3 years, I "mature" much more. I still keep myself strong personality, youthful enthusiasm, but no longer impulsive, shallow thinking. Now I do everything with more thought, more thoughtful. There are still spaces for himself to be able to handle life situations and work under pressure, ”said Ha Thuong openly.

    Although not graduated, Ha Thuong has worked for a company in the E-commerce industry, specializing in manufacturing and transporting furniture on electronic websites such as Amazon, Esty, and Ebay. Having taken the mature steps today, Ha Thuong wants to thank all the teachers and friends of FPT University. She confided: “To Thuong, every teacher and friend has an impact on himself. Everyone who comes to my life contributes to what I am today. Not only did the teachers give me the knowledge of the subject I am studying, the teacher's dedication also brings me life lessons, which is a luggage to carry throughout my life. "

    Nhi Nguyen (Source: FPT University Da Nang) 

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