Marcom master and brading story

    The dialogue “Storytelling” - Building brand story in 2021 promises to bring to FPT students interesting and useful content. This period, The dialogue's guest is a very special character, he is named "MarCom Master" Nguyen Dinh Thanh - Co-Founder of Elite PR School.

    Mr. Nguyen Dinh Thanh holds a Master of Cultural Administration from Paris Dauphine University (Paris 9), a master's degree in interpretation at the Institute of International Relations. On this show, we'll explore how well-known brands tell their stories, how to enter the hearts of customers, and even overcome their crises.


    In 2017, he launched the book "Myth of PR" written by him to share the reality from the career process of a media specialist. In addition, he is also a guest and speaker at many media programs at corporations and universities.

    Nhi Nguyen (Source:FPT University HaNoi)

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