Invite FPT students to apply for Viettel's talented students program

    Come on, the graduation season is nearing, have the students chosen the first "stop" in their careers? If you are a technology enthusiast and want to be a leader in this field in Vietnam, join the Viettel Digital Talent Program now!

    Có thể là hình ảnh về 6 người và văn bản cho biết 'viettel SINH VIÊN TÀI NANG VIETTEL chương trình tao chuyên tiến dữliệu THÀNH CÔNG building, MBBank ĐOÀN THANH TÁM Viettel Scan Coe tiênhổ” o 18/3/2021 MINH QUẢNG under/Organizer structure GrouD THITUYỂN trung AnmangViettel lh TRẦN THẾT TRUYỀN Úc toàn GIAI ĐOẠN ong ngoài ĐỘI NGŨ CHUYÊN GIA GIAI ĐOẠN team mio NGUYỄN NGUYÊN TRỌNG ĐĂNG TRÌNH ng entor lên duli năng Viettel Careers QUANG Viettel Group SHOW US YOUR WAY'

     This program is designed by leading experts inside and outside Viettel, promising to bring a lot of knowledge and practical experience to students through 2 main stages:
    🎯 Stage 1: Intensive training and practice. Students can participate in training, sharing and orientation sessions from Viettel's team of domestic and foreign experts, and receive support from mentors to orient their careers. Not only that, but you also have the opportunity to travel with mentors and other members in the program and win attractive training scholarships.

    🎯 Phase 2: Participate in real projects. Truly excellent students will be selected to participate in real Viettel projects in the fields of Cloud, Information Security, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence. They were not only guided by mentors but also led by experienced Senior Buddies in their work. At the end of phase 2, students with the best ideas and ideas will be selected to present to the Group's Board of Directors and have the opportunity to receive gifts up to VND 30 million.

    Có thể là hình ảnh về nhà chọc trời
    So which students can apply?
    👉 3rd and 4th year students, students from graduate programs in Information Technology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Information Security, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence and similar fields .

    👉 Have an excellent record in study or work (CPA 3.0 or higher; or won a national or international award in the relevant field; or have an excellent record when participating in major projects in a related field agency).

    👉 Ability to read and listen to English well, at least 600 Toeic points or equivalent.

    👉 Passionate and career-oriented in the fields of Cloud, Information Security, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence.
    ⏰ ⏰ ⏰ Apply now at: https: // /.../ recruitm ... / detail / 14263 ... friends!

    Phương Anh (Source: FPTU Virtual Career Fair 2020)

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