Inauguration ceremony of the Four Wise Monkeys statue

    This afternoon (January 29), FPT University HN campus took place the inauguration ceremony of the statue "Four Wise Monkeys" - the newest statue project "docked" at Hoa Lac campus after weeks of elaborate crafting in Hong Kong. and is currently located in the rose garden area.

    It is known that in Toshogu Shrine (Japan) preserves an ancient wooden sculpture by artist Hidari Jingoro. There are statues of three monkeys named Kikazaru, Mizaru and Iwazaru which have the meaning of: not hearing bad things, not looking at bad things and not saying bad things. More deeply, the Japanese also want to express their own philosophy in the three statues: "Cover your eyes to see, cover your ears to listen to your mind, cover your mouth to use your mind".

    The statue placed on the campus of an educational organization is expected to inspire FPT University's staff and students, so that each individual can keep his or her calm mind. When the perception of the world around through hearing - seeing - speaking becomes subtle, profound from the mind, people will observe and evaluate all problems completely.
    FOUR WISE MONKEYS statue works contain many philosophies:
    Hear no devil
    See no devil
    Speak no devil
    Do no devil

    Phương Anh (Source: FPT Education)

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