Impressive project of FPT Graphic Students

    The graphic design students of FPT University made a great impression on the community with their extremely impressive and innovative project products.

    Concerned about an impressive and highly applicable project, a group of students Vu Xuan Hoa, Vo Hoang Ty, Tran Bao My chose the topic "Air pollution" and presented it as a 3D short film (about 6 minutes). This project is considered to be the application of many unique graphic techniques with interesting messages.

    Specifically, "Second Chance" is a sci-fi film about the future world, in an apocalyptic perspective. Two scientists Neils and Melisa performed experiments to create two artificial babies. They plan to fly together into space to wait for the Earth to restore itself, then return to rebuild human civilization, but unexpected accidents have happened.

    Dai hoc FPT anh 1Sci-fi film "Second Change" is set in the post-apocalypse.

    In the movie, the saying "It's about the first, not the second" is also the message the group wants to send to viewers. This is the story about the first human error consequences. If we do it well the first time, we won't need a second chance.

    The film has an apocalyptic setting but is full of hope for new opportunities for people. Thereby, the group wants to remind everyone to join hands to protect the environment right now, so that people do not need a second chance.

    Dai hoc FPT anh 2The film is made in strict adherence to industry standards of 3D CGI / VFX.


    The representative of the group shared: “In addition to grasping the advanced skills and standard software knowledge to achieve high quality in terms of 3D graphics, we have approached and applied procedural processes, Artificial Intelligence. ... to handle complex requests, in a short time with low cost. Thanks to that, we have built up the scene, the natural environment, living characters and objects in the film ”.

    Meanwhile, the group of friends Nguyen Phan Khanh, Lam Nhat Huy, Nguyen Khanh Ngoc ( FPT University Students ) implemented the project "Contact" (roughly translated: Collision) with the main character, engineer Jack Crawford.

    This is a 3D short film in the horror genre - action fiction. The story is set in a future universe, where humanity has made great progress. Thanks to modern machines and equipment, they can build cities on the Moon, Mars ...

    Dai hoc FPT anh 3"Contact" is built in the future context.


    Engineer Jack Crawford specializes in robotics drone repair. He is stationed at a space station in high orbit of Mars. His ship is attacked by alien creatures, Jack's mind is cut off from his body. When the creature suddenly disappears, Jack tries to return to his body but in vain. He is trapped in a robot, must fight strange creatures and find his way back to Earth.

    Through the movie, the group wants to share the message: “Time does not stop and waits for you. You should use it properly, do not let work decide your life and appreciate what you have.

    Dai hoc FPT anh 4
    The short film impresses viewers with its dramatic circumstances.


    In addition to the tools Maya, After Effects, Premiere Pro ..., the team used Blender - Zbrush - Substance Painter software to make short 3D short films within 2 months. The project impresses with vivid images and sound, depicts cosmic space, with interesting animation and visual effects system. "Contact" is also a 3D animation project that won the FPT Edu Color Up graphic design competition.

    Master - Lecturer Phan Bao Chau said that the difference in the training of digital art design at FPT University Ho Chi Minh City is to build a program based on a digital foundation (digital), combining existing technologies. to create products that are applicable, outstanding and integrated.

    "Students have the opportunity to experience and work in potential fields and attract human resources such as 2D animation technology, 3D animation technology, visual arts. You can also pursue many more. New areas of the creative industry, such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) ... These experiences help students consolidate and enhance their professional capacity, thereby create valuable and practical graphic products "- stressed Ms. Chau.

    Let's watch the short film here and here


    Trong Nhan ( ZingNews )

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