Image of FPT staff after 3 days "War"

    On January 31, FPT University Hanoi received information that a student was positive for Covid-19. Immediately the school was blocked off. Campus Hoa Lac "inside and outside the world". That was when the school's administrative and medical staff received the order to "go to war".

    Having been directly "fighting" in the preparation of the dormitory for the isolated area in early 2020, Ms. Cu Thi Huong (administrative officer) and her brothers are always ready for other developments: " More frankly, Truong had shift F0. What motivates me is what to do "keep the house" safe, how are students? Determine before leaving home is to do a mission, with Tet, we will be with the children! The school was blocked, students were fussing and worried, I was too busy and could not pay attention to the news. After looking at the phone, our school is famous like alcohol. Emotions at that time are both worrying and loving the students who are stuck. Then also worried about how much the epidemic will spread ”.

    Facing the stressful and complicated situation of the epidemic, Ms. Huong determined that the first thing is to follow the direction of the school's leaders, coordinate with the Thach That district epidemic control center, the local authorities and health care well. students do not move outside the campus. Then, statistics report to serve the scanning of subjects related to cases. In addition, a working room is also prepared for the urgent sampling of the medical center.

    “After they disinfect and complete the work, our side will prepare temporary accommodation for students or outside guests with dorm rooms, answer problems, comfort and encourage students. Parents worry about constantly calling. But fortunately, all agreed to comply with the anti-epidemic department's self-isolating regulations and guidelines, so I encountered a big obstacle when doing the job, ”said Huong.

    Also present at the school at that time, Ms. Hang (physician) determined that with the specifics of her career, she must quickly "rush into" the battle to speed up work with her teammates. “Emotions are mixed, I'm so stressed I can't think of anything but how to do the job well. I and the district health officials immediately looked for F1 cases and encouraged my friends to focus on isolation, take samples for testing. In addition, I also participated in answering questions from parents and students, making a list of students currently living in Hoa Lac dormitory ”.

    Accompanying Ms. Huong, Ms. Hang also has other administrative officers and physicians such as Mr. Huong and Ms. Kieu Phuong. Continuously working at full capacity for many days in a row, but the brothers and sisters keep themselves a positive source of energy, ready to accept the task at any time.

    “When I do this, my family and relatives also support. All for the common affairs of the country. Only a little sad when I miss my baby at home. And all the obstacles are significant. Furthermore, FPT ‘really cool’. Supermarkets and cafeterias still provide living utensils and food for staff and students. Comfortable energy to fight epidemic ", Ms. Huong affirmed.
    In the days of "fighting" before the blockade, they all felt happy and warm when receiving the attention and encouragement of many FPT colleagues in particular and FPT in general. “Everyone kept texting and sending us gifts such as food, drink, and fruit. Through here, the brothers also want to thank the leaders, colleagues, parents and students. I also want to remind everyone that we are fine, full of love and energy, ”said Ms. Hang.

    On the evening of February 3, after receiving negative results for nCoV of nearly 700 students, FPT University (Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park, Thach That District) officially removed the blockade. FPT University allows students to go back to school to pick up things from the dormitory and those who are not in the FPT category can leave the school to return home for Tet. "Particularly F1, F2 have been discovered by the authorities will continue to isolate or self-insulate at the residence according to the regulations", the school stated clearly. FPT University also removed the regulation that people who go to school from January 25 to January 29 stop moving and quarantine themselves.
    This is the first positive signal after the days when all FPT people struggle with the complexity of the epidemic. Many greetings from FPT University's staff, lecturers and students have been sent to you.
    Thank you to the administrative and medical staff - the silent "soldiers" of FPT who have always devoted all their efforts to support the isolated students and staff at Hoa Lac campus these days!

    Phương Anh (Source: FPT University Ha Noi)

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