Hotgirl FPT entered the final round of Miss Vietnam Student 2020

    Pham Hoang Thu Uyen - SBD 1958, is the girl that netizens are looking for the most after the photo of falling asleep on the bus is shared on the internet every day.

    Not only possessing a beautiful face, the female student of FPT University is also extremely active, talented when she goes to work and becomes independent early with a super record.
    Thanks to her pure beauty, Thu Uyen quickly received many invitations to collaborate as photo model and actor playing the MV.

    During the 12 years of high school, Thu Uyen was awarded the title of excellent student and won high prizes in many competitions. She also excelled in winning a 70% scholarship from FPT University and a 50% scholarship to study abroad in Korea.
    However, she shared that she chose FPT University instead of studying abroad because she believed in the high-quality training environment here and had "fallen in love" with this school from time to time.

    Although still a student, her friend soon earned income from online cosmetics business, filming, photography ...
    Particularly, the online business has brought Uyen revenue fluctuating about 200 million / month. She is working for 2 big technology companies and is also a speaker in the Blockchain field.
    With her beauty and talent, Thu Uyen was worthy of the Top 15 contestants in the North to participate in the final round of the 2020 Vietnamese Student Flower Competition.

    Phương Anh (Source: FPT University Ha Noi)

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