Hotboy teacher with exciting Sketchnote training!

    You often encounter the situation of "learn first, forget later", take notes a lot after that, then do not re-read what you have written and have learned.

    The way of recording information in our writing has many problems: too verbose, unscientific, not intuitive, taking notes not selectively, hearing what is written there.

    Writing as much as there is no time for other problems, while information remains only 10-20% of what is learned and heard.

    Sketchnote - This term was first born in 2009 by the famous graphic designer Mike Rohde. Accordingly, we will use simple images to take notes and convey ideas in study, work and life quickly, easy to understand and easy to remember. In addition, it also helps to develop creativity, the ability to see and solve problems in a systematic, simple and clear way.

    Immediately join the course "Sketchnote - Visual information visualization" by Teacher Hotboy Huynh Ngoc Thai Anh to quickly apply the ultimate note-taking method with Sketchnote to:
    ❤Information visualization using Sketchnote is impressive and creative.
    ❤ Memorize knowledge faster and longer, analyze all problems logically in many different directions, transmit content quickly, easy to understand, easy to remember.
    ❤ Develop creativity, ability to recognize and solve problems quickly.
    ❤ Sketchnote creative application to work effectively, create CV, draw pictures for children, work ... in a systematic and scientific way.

    Join and register directly at the service counter - FPT CTSV Can Tho - Gamma Building (Note the number of students is limited to ensure the organization).
    Registration time is from March 1 to 12, March 8, 2021.
    Study time is from 18:00 to 20:30 on March 10, 12,15,17 / 2021.
    Location: Room B315- Beta Building.

    Phuong Anh (Source: Staff of FPT University Can Tho)

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