Hola Bus and New Year's Trip Project

    After a period of absence, HoLa Bus returns in 2020 to bring a new look with the management of new Gen members of the Business Club.

    Born from Business Club's Spring 2017 Business Plan training activities, HolaBus is a start-up project providing student transportation services at FPT University Hanoi with the creation of 5 young girls who "host" is Thu Trang - K11 alumni. At the time of its launch, this start-up project made a big splash at FPT University Hanoi and appeared in many newspapers because of the courage, dare to think and dare to do of young students.

    After a period of absence, HoLa Bus returned in 2020, bringing a new look with the management of the new Gen members of the Business Club: Leader Phan Duc Chien, Bui Duc Thien, Ly Tra My, Nguyen Thi Thuy. Ocean. With their enthusiasm and talent, they brought Hola Bus back to stronger activities and promised to accompany FPT University students in the near future.

    Duc Chien, the leader of the group, shared: “The group came together simply because we felt the same attachment, harmony and the same will, love with Hola Bus. When we heard about Hola Bus, we all wondered, found out why it didn't work, then felt sorry and wanted to rebuild the project. "

    Journey "changing clothes" for Hola Bus 2020

    The thought of reviving the project, which is considered the "jewel" of the club, has been in the minds of the members for a long time. However, when officially started to work until the group's debut lasted about 3 months. It is the time for the team to form team core, plan and plan future directions more professionally as a real business.

    Retaining the same spirit, each trip is not only a moving itinerary but also a place that offers a unique experience. Based on that, HoLa Bus only changed the slogan: "HoLa Bus - It's not just a trip" and kept 3 core values in service style: Fast - Safe - Comfortable, combined with innovation. "Luxury - Comfort - Professional".

    “During the concept time, we received a lot of encouragement from you. The group also turned to the former Hola Bus team to listen and learn from experiences. However, we also find that each time the problem posed is very different and must be changed.

    In order to operate and provide the best services for the students, the team members also face many difficulties, disagreements. Because everyone loves and wants to bring this "spiritual child" the best ideas. Tra My shared: "Our team has 4 people, there are times when the idea is 2: 2, it is difficult to choose".

    Thuy Duong, another member of the project, explained the reasons: “Because we are all students, everyone has their own activities such as clubs, work, individual projects. Most of the time to exchange work is online, which causes inconvenience and problems. But through all, Hola Bus members are always sharing and listening to each other: “Every time there is a problem, everyone will immediately meet to solve it, avoid it for a long time to cause annoyance. We also invite each other to eat, drink to talk directly and better understand each other ".

    Hola Bus and Tet bus trip

    The student migration project for New Year is one of the things that Hola Bus members cherished during their return. To thoroughly prepare for this project, the group has recruited collaborators who are all students of FPT University in Hanoi. Hopefully this is both an opportunity to practice business and bring a lot of practical experiences to help HoLa students pocket "lucky money early".

    Before bringing this Tet project, HoLa Bus has put into operation a short route to take FPT students to Hanoi and long-distance routes such as events, teambuilding of clubs. Thereby, the group has drawn many experiences. In addition, Hola Bus conducts surveys to improve the service quality and travel needs of students. In order to bring this Tet itinerary, the group did a survey one month in advance among a large group of FPT students and consulted with friends to determine the suitable location and price.

    Within a few days of launching the Tet itinerary, Hola Bus has received a lot of interesting feedback from students in Hoa Lac, the number of tickets has increased rapidly. Members are urgently contacting and confirming tickets. “We hope that we will bring the best experiences to everyone. Wishing everyone a happy and peaceful New Year's journey home ”.

    Hola Bus team also revealed that in the next 2021, the group will not only stop at transportation services but plan to develop more tourism services targeting students in Hoa Lac. The group hopes to receive everyone's support to continue in the successful year 2021.

    Phương Anh (Source: FPT University Ha Noi)

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