Having protected the topic of graduation in Brunei, FPT University students are recruited

    Receiving a topic to create an information portal for start-ups and investors under a project of the Brunei government, a group of FPT University students not only defended successfully but also received a job offer at Think-Axis company (Brunei) after graduation.

    A Group of Software Engineering students including Le Ngo Thuy Hang, Nguyen Phuoc Vinh Loc, Bui Cong Nam, Nguyen Hai Yen is one of the first 4 groups of FPT University students to be recognized for successfully defending a graduate project abroad. The group had a semester (4 months) of study and practice with a real project in Brunei. Leader Thuy Hang shared: “After flying from Ho Chi Minh City to Brunei, I felt a little nervous. This is not only my first time going abroad, but also for schooling and protecting my graduation thesis”.


    After 7 weeks of major subject’s studies at Darussalam University, the student group has only 7 weeks to build and the last 2 weeks to complete before defending before the council. Having small amount of time but with internship experiences in a foreign company, also participating in a large project, applying technology to solve practical problems of this rich kingdom, FPT University's students feel extremely excited. Having been equipped English since the first year of university before entering major period, the group of students quickly embarked on the work under the guidance of Mr. Rahman Yoonus, co-founder of Think-Axis - a large tech company in Brunei.

    The project of 4 FPT University students is a project of Think-Axis company received from Brunei government with the goal of collecting information from start-ups and investors in order to provide economic policies and suitable encouraging programs.

    Through this project, start-ups can have the opportunity to seek investment from investors and the government, while investors can find reliable startups. “Because all Start-ups information posted will be approved by the government. It helps the government to collect data and view statistics on start-ups and investors in Brunei”- Team Leader Thuy Hang shared. Especially, there is currently no portal for start-ups in Brunei, so this application is the first one built.

    In terms of the input databass well as the habit of operating on the application, the team is supported by the company. Student group assigns themselves to best complete the tasks: database management, source code management, face recognition and tester. Students successfully defended a bridge portal for startups and investors, applying Face API facial recognition technology from Microsoft Azure, Microsoft's SignalR technology that helped startups and investors to have chat (online chat) with each other and can receive notifications from the system immediately (real-time).


    About Achievements, the group's project meets the requirements of Think-Axis. Moreover, “the group was invited by the company to work in Brunei after graduation. And there may be opportunities to travel around the world, because the company's customers are from many countries, popularly Singapore ”- the leader shared. After returning from Brunei, the group of FPT University Software Engineering students will complete the remaining majors before officially accepting jobs abroad.

    An internship trip not only brings new knowledge, experience in a technological environment, working environment in developed countries, but the recognition of foreign enterprises also partly reflects the training quality of an University which has just been recognized as an excellent Asian IT training institution (ASOCIO 2018).

    Student Le Ngo Thuy Hang shared: “I am extremely excited about working in a new environment, using and learning many new technologies, making many interesting friends. The more exciting thing is when you feel your choice is right. I wanted the university to create conditions for me to exchange in other countries before and now it has come true”.

    In the Fall 2018 semester (from September to December), FPT University had 12 students come to Brunei to study majors, OJT (On The Job Traning - Practical internship in enterprises) and protect the topic of graduation. This is not the first time that FPT University's students have gone abroad to practice, but this is the first time that students are recognized to successfully protect their graduation thesis with practical projects from technology companies.

    Contact FPT University via hotline: 028.7300.5588 or website: http://hcmuni.fpt.edu.vn

    According to ZING.VN

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