Gold tips to master the debates stage

    Debate is a word that students often mention throughout the time at LUK. Starting from level 3, LUKers will experience practical and accumulate experience from the available topic-based debate matches, then gradually become more confident and fluent in front of the crowd. The secret to becoming unbeaten in this tough stage is?

    Logic + Example = WIN

    When assigned an available topic, the students are often confused because they do not know how to build a coherent thesis system that can knock down the opponent immediately. Instead of worrying, immediately apply Brainstorming method with Take note, select the most suitable main ideas and always remember to find evidence, for example for more sharp arguments. More importantly, the LUKers do not forget to stand on the opponent's stance to always find the best counter-argument in any unexpected situation.

    Softskills và Body language

    When presenting, the most basic mistake you often make is forgetting your ideas and becoming confused, faltering, wasting time and causing dissonance for both judges and opponents. To fight fire, practice in front of a mirror many times, or use soft skills such as posing an opposite question to the audience, steering to a story,… will be the safest and most effective measure.



    Along with that is the use of body language. Science has proven that language only accounts for 7% affects listeners, 38% is due to tone and most essential is still body language accounts for 55%.

    Teamwork or Leadership?

    A team Debate will always be divided into 3 groups: Leader, Researcher, Speaker. The secret to always win is to build a good team, in which Leader must be the one to unite the team as well as know how to connect logic for the whole team. In addition, the rest of the team should not rely on the leader, but must explore and prepare together. Teamwork always goes hand in hand with Leadership, losing one is considered the losing team.

    Golden key: creativity, innovation and difference

    Leading viewers to the topic with an interesting hook that attracts them with humorous situations, moderately detailed details, .. is something that not all teams think about. So instead of following one form of stereotype, try to be creative and go in a different direction (but still correct and enough). You will score perfect in the eyes of the audience and the judges because of your intelligence and sense of humor.

    A new period has begun, the new generation LUKers are ready to enter fierce battles?


    Trọng Nhân ( FPT University Hanoi )


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