FPT University’s students solving societal problems with technology through graduation projects

    From 28/8 to 31/8, more than 120 students of FPT University will enter the graduation thesis protection period of the 2018 summer semester. There are 30 topics belonging to Software Engineering, Information Insurance and the specialization of Marketing. These topics would be presented in front of the thesis judges council at the Innovation Hall, Quang Trung Software Park, Ho Chi Minh City. In general, all topics are aimed at solving societal issues with technology.


    During the thesis protection day, each group will have 60 minutes to present and answer questions coming from the judges. The graduation thesis is the result of the students’ group work for 4 months with the assistance of their instructional lecturer.  

    The graduation thesis this time leans towards realistic factors, guiding the students to solve societal problems by using technology. The instructions and suggestions of the thesis will be given by the lecturers, the students will have to find to suitable technological solution. A few outstanding thesis includes the automatic voice recognition phone call operator for clinics, receiving demands and answering questions for clients setting an appointment; criminal face detection system; the upgrade and maintenance of the training management system; Analyzing the relationship between the factor of race, antagonism and nostalgia in the shopping decision of Vietnamese families: Chinese import situation case study.

    Each council judging the thesis will have 5 members coming from lecturers of different majors along with Chief of the Educational department – Professor Than Van Su. Specifically, in the summer semester of this year the number of topics will be increase so the Software Engineering major will have 3 circulating council to judge all 23 topics.


    FPT University’s students need to pass 7 semesters of their major, 1 OJT semester in order to fulfill the condition required to begin the thesis or the graduation debate. Other than that, language fluency (English, Japanese, Chinese) is obligatory for the students to study and research from university curriculum or foreign references. Especially, students of the Economics major all need to use English to present and protect their thesis.

    Along with the thesis protection events are the direct interviews from recruiting businesses. Just from the morning of 28/8, 2 students by the name of To Xuan Toan and Vo Truong Hoang Nghiep – 10th generation, Bridge System Engineer major (Japanese Studies) - have been officially employed by the PISE company (Japan). They begin working on 2/2019 although they have yet to protect their graduation thesis on 29/8.

    Thanks to the training programs that are closely related to realistic demands, FPT University continuously receive high regards and trust from businesses. That is the reason why many students were officially employed even though they have not graduated yet. Presently, specifically in Ho Chi Minh city, FPT University is cooperating with numerous companies in order to provide students with internship opportunities as well as fulltime employment. Furthermore, 5% of FPT University’s students start their own business after graduation.



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