FPT University Foreign Teacher experience Tet holiday far from home

    - Teacher Darlenne, I heard that this year you are celebrating Tet in Vietnam. I wonder how your plan for this year will be?

    - After over 6 years in Vietnam, this is my very first time to celebrate a real Tet holiday under the loving roof of Mrs. NguyetNTM, who I call my “me oi”, and her family. Due to the pandemic, I wasn’t able to go home to celebrate the lunar new year with my own family. But I am really joyful to be here in Vietnam receiving love and support from my English Department colleagues.

    Tet is such a beautiful tradition and it represents the rich culture of Vietnam. I get to see the hospitality of welcoming guests to one’s home, drinking tea, eating nuts, chatting and exchanging greetings for a prosperous new year. I am able eat a lot of delicious homemade Vietnamese food with a wonderful family. I also have seen the practice of decorating the house with the lucky plants and flowers. It is such a beautiful scene to watch the peach blossoms bloom as Tet is approaching. This Tet, the family is going to bring me along to their hometown - Bac Ninh.

    I am very very excited to meet their parents and observe and experience more of the tradition. We will wear Ao Dai on the first day, eat more, sing karaoke, and probably dance to the upbeat rhythm of Vietnamese New Year music. My Vietnamese language skill is going to be a challenge but I take it as an experience to practice. This tet is indeed the most special of all the years I’ve been in Vietnam. Tet is an occassion full of love, respect, camaraderie, faith, and generosity.

    Có thể là hình ảnh về 2 người, mọi người đang đứng và văn bản cho biết 'cóc*I/ CÓC TRẢI NGHIỆM TÊT HUMANS of TET Cô Darlenne (Áo vàng) Giảng viên FPTU Hà Nội'


    I would say that the biggest realization I have this year will be “In Vietnam, you’ll never be alone and lonely.” Thank you so much, Mrs. Nguyet and family for this memorable experience.

    Chuc mung nam moi 2021! May 2021 bring happiness and prosperity to everyone’s family.


    Trong Nhan ( Coc doc va nhung nguoi ban )

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