FPT University Can Tho students confidently shine with the art of hosting

    Workshop I AM THE PROGRAM GUIDE took place at 18:00 on January 25, 2021 with the extremely special appearance and sharing of 03 guests: Trainers, Journalists, MC Le Phuoc Lap, MC Quang Bao, MC Dao Duy has sketched a perfect portrait of a professional host.

    CONNECTING - SPREADING - SHARING AND INSPIRING, it is a host's mission and they are the SPIRIT of big events. The students of FPT University Can Tho felt the passion for the profession, the mind of the seniors before coming to the talk and sharing with 03 famous guests.

    Without the aura of the stage, no elaborate rhetoric, no splendid outfits, only the friendliness, sincerity and openness like teachers and brothers who pass fire to the younger generations. are loving and passionate about the host field.

    While Journalist and MC Le Phuoc Lap bring thoughts from the inside and the thoughts of a great teacher in the profession, MC Quang Bao and Dao Duy are brothers who bring youthfulness and energy. New quality, modern, humorous approach. Behind all are smiles, tears, warm hugs, sincerity like a family. The guests were invited to connect and open their hearts to have an intimate conversation and full of empathy.

    Sharing with the organizers of the program, Lecturers, Journalists, MC Le Phuoc Lap were amazed at the educational orientation and experience that the school leaders gave students at FPT University Can Tho. And the teacher is a companion of the host Art skill class, will bring all of his enthusiasm and experience to guide and help you get the most precious time.

    Phương Anh (Source: CTSV FPT University Can Tho)

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