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    Nowadays, Generation Z tends to choose schools with a variety of experiences so that the youthful years will have a lot of marks in their lives. And FPT is such a university, not only receiving professional knowledge, generation Z increasingly prioritizes the search for skills development training programs necessary to integrate with the world.

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    1 / Experience future technology

    Under the strong impact of technology 4.0, educational institutions have focused on enhancing the application of information technology to training and technology deployment in teaching and learning activities. Especially with universities and colleges training Information Technology, Multimedia, Graphic Design ...

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    Many schools are now equipped with technology equipment such as computer labs, projectors, slide boards, electronic libraries ... Born in the heart of FPT Corporation, FPT Education Organization (FPT Edu) regularly applies public applications. technology into curriculum at all levels of education. For example, the university level focuses on building technology-integrated classrooms, labs designed for simulations according to pilot training models, online learning and exam systems replace paper-based exams ...

    2 / Experience 21st Century Skills

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    In the current globalization context, education has made positive changes to create a generation of global citizens capable of proactively adapting to the changes of the world. In particular, thinking training and soft skills are considered the key to developing human potential.

    Students at each educational level at FPT University will have access to different contents to foster the necessary knowledge of the new generation of citizens. For example, the social skills education program at FPT Middle and High School helps students to have positive behavioral skills; know how to choose your behavior, take responsibility for the consequences and control yourself in situations. Or with the University, College level, students will have Personal Skills Development (PDP) programs, soft skills subject throughout the semester.

    3 / Experience Vietnamese Culture and Asian Culture

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    Learning and experiencing the national culture and countries around the world is one of the most important experiences of the global generation of citizens. This activity helps young people enrich their living capital, accumulate experience and confidently take on many job positions in different territories.

    Studying in Vietnam but being able to experience cultural diversity is not easy for many students today. Therefore, parents as well as students always give priority to educational units that have strengths in experiential education and international integration.

    FPT University brought Vovinam, traditional musical instruments, and body art into its main curriculum. These subjects contribute to nurture national love for young people, preserve and promote traditional cultural values, creating a special highlight of Vietnamese citizens on the international arena.

    In addition, students and students of FPT University are also allowed to participate in international experience programs such as ASEAN Cultural Trip, Winter Summer Camp, Yolo Journey ... to learn about the cultural characteristics of new and forged lands. language practice, independent living ability, problem solving skills ...

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    4 / Experience Leadership (Leadership)

    Leadership skills (Leadership) were soon focused on training students to form confident attitude, strategic thinking and effective teamwork. However, in Vietnam, there are still quite a few units that incorporate this skill into their curriculum.
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    Hours of leadership will develop self-control skills, leadership thinking, multi-dimensional vision, and enhance intrinsic values and social responsibility for learners. Thereby, you are guided to set principles for yourself and commit to fulfill it, realize and promote your inner core values, and develop to become your own leaders.

    5 / Experience the future social and cultural trends

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    Cultural events are one of the experiences that young people appreciate in the process of choosing schools. Not only famous for modern facilities, training quality meeting international standards, FPT University's affiliates regularly organize cult programs such as Happy Bee, Talent Scholarship, Talent Show ... This activity helps FPT University students to be active, confident, and form and build many soft skills.

    6 / Experience the Multicultural World

    More and more parents and classmates currently, students are given priority to choose schools with programs to experience the multicultural world. In addition to building an internationalized environment for learners to easily learn through international students, FPT University also develops a school model of experience by encouraging students to "carry suitcases abroad". follow various extracurricular programs such as Semester Abroad, Intensive English, Semester Exchange, Winter Summer Camp….

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    In 4 years of study, students can also register for at least one semester in the US, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Australia ... to learn a specialized foreign language, practice foreign enterprises and open up opportunities to seek. global jobs.

    Over time, the school is no longer a place only to transfer knowledge but gradually develops into a comprehensive educational environment in both professional and life skills for learners. Choosing the schools of experience is probably the best way to embark on your journey into the world.

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    Phuong Anh (Source: FPT Education)

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