FPT Students's ability to solve problems is explored

    Last Saturday, January 9, Da Nang FPT University in collaboration with other units, organized a Talkshow "Problem solving capacity" that attracted the participation of nearly 100 FPT Students.

    At Talkshow, students heard interesting stories from Speakers Tran Ha My Loi - a person with many years of experience in the field of communication and event organization.

    Having won the title of "Trainer of the year 2018 & 2019" in the Vietnam Digital Launch program 4.0, Ms. My Loi has shared many useful information for FPT University students.

    A digital citizen is a person who uses information technology (IT) to participate in social, well-being - defined as “the regular, appropriate user of online / digital tools. and efficiency ”.

    The environment of every job has the impact and changing needs / expectations due to the transformations of technology and digital. To adapt and be ready to enter the digital job market, citizens need to equip themselves with important knowledge and skills to master technology and digital knowledge.

    Students practice problem solving skills in groups.

     The Talkshow "Problem Solving / ICT Literacy" provides FPT University Students with knowledge about the ability to use, apply and apply the advantages of digital equipment / tools. . In addition, FPT Students learn how to identify and solve problems effectively and creatively.



     The Talkshow program took place successfully, bringing a lot of useful knowledge and skills to students in the 4.0 Technology Revolution - an era of opportunities and challenges for global citizens.

    Trọng Nhân ( FPT University Danang )

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