FPT Students voluntarily stay in isolation

    After FPT University Hoa Lac campus was blocked, about 300 students still have to be isolated in the dormitory.

    How is life inside the isolated dormitory of 300 FPT University Students in Hoa Lac now?

    Although they wish to return to their hometown for Tet holiday soon, all FPT Students understand that they need to be responsible for isolation to protect the community.

    All officers and students voluntarily stay in isolation, waiting for official information from cases F1 and F2.

    Everyone, please take care of your health, comply with disease prevention measures and win the pandemic together.


    Có thể là hình ảnh về thực phẩm và trong nhà

    Có thể là hình ảnh về một hoặc nhiều người và văn bản cho biết '14 Kenh14.vn n'


    See detail here


    Trong Nhan ( Kenh14 & FPT University Ha Noi )

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