FPT Students visited Top 3 Company about air conditioner

    Company Tour is an event organized by the Student Affairs Department of FPT University in order for students to better understand the actual working environment in enterprises, thereby helping students to be confident and have more opportunities. good internship and after graduation.


    Hình ảnh có thể có: 10 người, mọi người trên sân khấu, văn bản cho biết 'DAIKIN MOOY DAIKIN HỘI THẢO GIỚI THIỆU CHÍNH SÁCH & SẢI PERFECTING'


    On January 15, 2021, the delegation of SRO staff and more than 40 students from FPT University Hanoi had a very meaningful field trip at Daikin Vietnam Company.


    Hình ảnh có thể có: một hoặc nhiều người, mọi người đang đứng và trong nhà

    The students had a better understanding of Daikin Company and directly visited the extremely modern factory.


    Hình ảnh có thể có: 3 người, mọi người đang ngồi và trong nhà


    Sharing opportunities for internships and working at Daikin from production managers, HR department is very interesting and practical attracts many FPT Students.


    Hình ảnh có thể có: 6 người, trong nhà


    At the end of the program, many students set their own goals for the upcoming internship with a statement: "I will definitely go to Daikin for an internship".


    Source: FPT University Ha Noi

    Thao Hanh

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