FPT Students test results were 100% negative

    The Chairman of the People's Committee of Thach That District sends a notice as attached photo with a red stamp.

    Thach That District Medical Center just announced the test results last night: 100% of the students, staff & providers who stayed at the school had a NEGATIVE test. This is definitely the best news of our student's day!


    With the desire to understand the need to support the quarantined students in the dormitory to move back to their homeland for Tet (restricting public transportation to avoid infection, the school arranged a number of free bus routes), let's do the survey below:

    Survey deadline: 12:00, Thursday, February 4, 2020
    (The dormitory will soon be removed from the blockade and the policy of being able to requisition the dormitory as a concentrated isolation area. Therefore, the school will free the dormitory, students pack up and put in lockers and go home for Tet holiday).


    Trong Nhan ( Student Regulation Office FPT University Ha Noi )

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