FPT students reached the top 3 of Wids Datathon Vietnam 2021

    On March 5, 2020, WiDS - Woman in Data Science Vietnam announced and commended the Top 3 teams in Vietnam with the highest achievements in the WiDS Datathon 2021 competition, including the presence of representatives. from FPT University Hanoi - Yehet Team.
    Có thể là hình ảnh về 4 người và văn bản cho biết 'YEHET TEAM VIETNAM 2021 3RD PLACE WIDS Dương Thị Phương Dung K15 Artificial Intelligence Nguyá»n Engineering Vân Hà K14 Software 000 011 01 01 0100011 Nguyá…n Đỗ Khánh Nam K15 Artificial Intelligence Phạm K14 Computer Science Thái Hoàng Tùng LET'S FDS'

    The Kaggle Datathon is one of the annual events of WiDS Global Initiative (Women in Data Science) - founded by Stanford University in November 2015. The WiDS Datathon 2021 contest, with challenging content related to predictive modeling in the medical field - attracted more than 800 teams from many countries around the world. In particular, 51 teams from Vietnam have constantly improved their prediction model and competed closely with other teams on the Leaderboard rankings. There are even teams that have reached the top 20 and top 10 worldwide, showing that the potential of Vietnamese data scientists is not inferior to other countries.

    In parallel with the Datathon 2021 global award for the best teams in the world rankings, WiDS Vietnam - with the support of the Military Industry - Telecommunications Group (Viettel) - also awarded the award to Top 3 teams with the highest ranking in Vietnam.

    The Datathon 2021 challenge is about emergency diagnostics and diabetes. The teams will build models to predict whether a patient transferred to an emergency room (ICU) has a history of diabetes based on data collected during the first 24 hours of emergency admission. FPT University Hanoi is represented by the Yehet competition team from FPTU Data Science Club. Yehet team includes 4 members: Pham Thai Hoang Tung, Nguyen Do Khanh Nam, Duong Thi Phuong Dung and Nguyen Van Ha.

    WiDS was born with the purpose of inspiring and sharing information about Data Science for data scientists, especially female scientists. Therefore, in the framework of the competition, the participating teams need to have at least 50% female members.

    One of the two female members, Duong Thi Phuong Dung, shared: “With the excitement and curiosity of the data science industry today, we realize that the contest is an opportunity to challenge ourselves, so we decided to plan to form a group to join. In the early days, there were many difficulties and surprises, but thanks to the enthusiastic help from brothers and sisters, friends, and the organizers, we had more motivation to accompany everyone to the end of the competition. ".

    Participating in the competition from the very first days, although the team members are not very knowledgeable in the field of medicine, with his learning spirit, Yehet Team excelled in the Top 9% and held The third prize of BTC is for teams from Vietnam, at the same time, it is ranked 69 in the world.

    Regarding the journey to the competition, Pham Thai Hoang Tung - member of the competition team, also the Chairman of FDS club shared: “As soon as I received the information, I saw this was a great opportunity, no only bring knowledge, but also towards lofty community goals. Meanwhile, contributing to the development of the academic community in FPT University is also an important goal of the club. Therefore, I actively mobilized the members, especially the female friends to participate.

    In addition to the basic knowledge that you already have, I have separately organized special and accelerated sessions to supplement specific knowledge for you. With the initial goal of exchanging, learning, and being very lucky, the team achieved good results. I am very excited and hope this is just a small milestone for your future development! Don't stop, continue to explore your potential in the field of data science! ”.

    Congratulations to the Yehet team members! This is a proud achievement, your victory has contributed to record the mark of FPTU HN students on large playgrounds. I wish you all luck and continue to achieve much success in the future.

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    Phuong Anh (Source: FPT University, Hanoi; FPT University Student Affairs Department)

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