FPT International students experience Tet Holiday

    What is interesting about the Vietnamese traditional New Year in the eyes of international students FPT Edu, making them "like it, like" and "must show off their family"? Let's listen to the sharing of students from other cultures when experiencing Vietnamese Tet.

    "For the whole year, there is only one Tet occasion" to eat, to talk, to be packed to take back "

    Peter Temiloluwa is a student of FPT University in Da Nang who "made rain" with a picture of playing a traditional musical instrument in a traditional Vietnamese red ao dai. It is known that Peter is one of the international students who are always active in school activities and movements, and he is also an enthusiast of learning Vietnamese culture.

    Peter excitedly talked about his first Vietnamese Tet experience: “I've only experienced one Tet season, Tet 2020. I like Tet very much, because both I get off school and get lucky money, haha. I still remember Tet that year, I was invited by my friends to come back to their hometowns, each of us came from a different country, I didn't know where to go, so I… wore socks. Every time I go back to the countryside, I "oh" with interesting customs, unique rituals, diverse dishes, and also receive lucky money, I like it.

    “If someone asks me if there is anything that makes me not like the Vietnamese Tet, I don't know how to answer because I really like Tet. For the whole year, there is only one Tet occasion "to eat, to talk, to be packed (with lucky money)".

    "Just walking around and breathing is enough to see Tet is coming"

    Born and raised in the Kingdom of Laos, Thatsadaphone Inthapakdy is particularly interested in different New Year's activities from other cultures. Welcoming 2 Tet in Vietnam, Thatsadaphone is still excited about the coming 3rd Tet.

    Thatsadaphone shared: “I've already had 2 Tet in Vietnam, and I really love the Tet atmosphere, I love Vietnamese culture. Tet is a rare opportunity to see the unique cultural features of this country. In the days near Tet, just walking around and breathing is enough to see the Tet coming: red peaches, yellow apricots, people freely shopping for Tet. At times like that, I usually take pictures, check in and send them back to my family to show off that I'm about to have a Vietnamese New Year. ”

    The Lao friend also expressed pride in his nation's unique Tet greeting: “If given the chance, I would also like to invite my Vietnamese friends to Laos on the occasion of the new year and together… splash water to welcome. Tet. It will definitely be an unforgettable experience for you, like my Vietnamese Tet experience ”.

    So, not only Vietnamese students are interested in the Lunar New Year, but international students from different cultures are also very excited to experience the Vietnamese New Year. I wish international students will have many more beautiful memories, more interesting stories to tell in the coming New Year.

    Phương Anh (Source: FPT Education)

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